On Sexual Compatibility


agbalumosky of life!


one of the major things I like about this platform is I see people who are willing to know more. Learn new things about topics they have been basing their knowledge on assumption.

this topic is a very good one and to add to this, low sperm count.

some people think that it is only ‘perpetual’ fornicators that ‘finish’ their sperm.

information and education is key, always ask questions, read and don’t base your conclusions on assumptions.

I love you guys mehn…




Yes o! Research Research Research!




Yeah thanks Sis. I actually meant those who become addicted to sex. Especially mentally. They feel it’s their right to have sex with anyone they please.
Trust me, that mentality is one cause of extra marital sex.


You just had to quote me wrong abi … :joy::joy::joy:
Meanwhile, I’m too enlightened to assume such na.
Anyway, I clarified what I meant by 'perpetual fornicators’


pretyprexy if I see you for road sef I will still take my hug…hope you don’t mind


Oh yeah ChiChi… Just remember to introduce yourself first sha,… :grinning:


oh yeah I will :blush: