On Sexual Compatibility


Well said!!! Couldn’t have been better. …[quote=“Oluwarufus, post:101, topic:3005”]
Every day, I wonder why we justify sex before marriage in the name of compatibility and having experience.

Alas!!! There’s someone who shares my opinion too…
Well said…
I wonder too… [quote=“Oluwarufus, post:101, topic:3005”]
Like @ewomazino said, God is against sex before marriage. And that standard standeth sure, regardless of our opinion, biases and/or libido.
Simple… I rest my case!!


I totally agree with you o my brother…

on the response that @Oluwarufus gave, please permit me to respond on this comment… @evansakanno please bear with me as i want to pick the last comment on the FB post…

  1. not having sex or having sex before marriage ‘does not’ guarantee anything…the most important thing is the 2 people involved in the relationship and how they handle what is in the past and the plans for the future…

  2. I don’t believe @theunofficialomotayo was trying to or out-rightly dismissing the bible. ( he can expand more on that) but i think he has in his last comment.

  3. everybody has something to share no matter the perspective it is coming from, whether it is wrong or right. i strongly believe that everyone has an opinion to things.

  4. with my time in the church and around church people ( everybody seems to be a ‘christian’ these days yet dismiss some sins and accept others just like Evans elaborated upon) so i’m very thoughtful about the things i say concerning scripture quoting. people most times quote scriptures out of context and also to justify what their opinions or ideas are without having to really pay attention to if it really applies to the topic or the solution being proffered. please think deeper…and search thoroughly…we don’t want to confuse more than we want to inform or help solve things…

  5. i don’t think you addressed Omotayo’s response fully, you just picked the scriptural part and responded immediately without properly dissecting his response. he gave us the religious and the scientific part of the question, please read it again if you will.

  6. we Christians jump to conclusions when someone says something that we feel is against the bible without actually taking time to think it through…

  7. the scriptures that oluwarufus and ewomazino quoted is not bad but it does not apply directly to the topic of sexual compatibility. none of it actually answered my own initial question on the exact scripture where it was written not to have sex before marriage.

  8. just like Evans is encouraging us to post things so that people can learn, imagine if someone came to this thread and actually wanted to learn something, the person will leave more confused because no scripture has addressed the topic of sexual compatibility for him or her, well, depending on what the person’s motives are.

  9. the bible did not explicitly tell us everything, so how do we address the things not addressed in the bible…?

  10. i was in a bible study yesterday and an Iranian who has been battling with the ‘fullness’ of Christianity asked a mind blowing question “why did God give us the gift of freewill?”, we were 12 people in that room, everybody said what they believed was the answer but he was not satisfied… so i told him " God is the one that gave us this gift, its so sad that you cannot get the answer you desired here, why don’t you ask God yourself?" everyone turned to me and said “the reason for the bible study is to get answers”…but as we were all talking he just said, 'i will do just that."…

my point is this, God is all knowing, he created us, so whatever questions we are battling with… especially where the bible does not explain things…we should ask him… he has always proven himself…all we need do is just to have an open heart and mind…Paul said in the same bible, if you lack wisdom ask God, cos he (Paul) too cannot answer everything that he was asked…

this platform is for learning, fun, relaxation, expositions, deliberations, distractions etc… i want us to know that we are different in everything…but it shouldn’t be a place where one feels inferior or superior as regards information…there has to be that balance where everyone feels at home no matter the topic…

Have a wonderful day my beautiful people…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Yes… You’re right…

This is for everyone… Definitely for everyone…


You SPOKE my mind… naaa. You copied the writings in my mouth!! You are forever a Gbaski Bae!! Still wondering how that guy managed to lose you… :cold_sweat: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: I love you!!!


Oluwa is involved…i love you tooo…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



Is this what we say you people should be doing here??? @Aje and @ChiQaH

I’m going to report… :running_man: :running_man:


I stated before that Sex before marriage isn’t bad to me tho.
Know how compact able you Guy’s are nah.
My aunt did this Christian way of no sex before marriage and all. She’s really regretting today… He’s not her taste…

If its necessary to have sex in a serious relationship pls do.it brings u closer to your partner if you are with the right person.


So what do you do while you’re still testing the waters? Like what do u do when you’re with a guy who you’re not sure he’s THE ONE?


Before u have sex with him u’ll know he’s not the one by his character and all. That should turn u on first before sex.
If having sex makes u reconsider,then u’re having sex for the wrong reasons.


Yeah…i agree…

So that means it’s expected that sex shouldn’t happen immediately there’s a YES to start up a relationship… Right?




I don’t concur ooo!! :scream: Where do we now classify my favorite The one NIGHT STAND? Cos, tis a form of relationship though.


Sir, is this how much you love sex :joy:


:flushed: I don’t know oo. Still discovering sha…:joy::joy::joy:


I see :smiley::smiley:


Oh u’re an adventurous soul. I’ve heard and read of one night stands that developed into something great, marriage in fact.

Not all men and women are matured enough to handle this situationship o @Aje


Abi na… Not everyone can handle it…



Really a form of relationship…

But why is that your favorite???


my lover my friend… tanku for this…emphasis on maturity…


Yes love :heart_eyes: maturity is key. There are so many guys that kiss and tell out there.
They never kiss sef dem go say dey don touch breast.
The state of mind is very vital in handling any relationship.