On Sexual Compatibility


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I didn’t justify sin, I said the Bible does not expressly say “abstain from premarital sex”.

Let me take you back to your own Bible verses, all except Mr 7:21 says “sexual immorality”. Only Mark mentioned fornication (which refers to premarital sex.

Sexual immorality is both pre- and extramarital affairs.

The point I was driving at is this: people misquote the Bible to forbid premarital sex but majority of those verses are actually not exclusively referring to premarital sex. Of course premarital sex is a sexual immorality, but it also includes extramarital, masturbation, lust and “thinking about it in your mind” (Matt 5:28).

So you can be a virgin and be an adulterer because you have slept with the person in your mind.

Do you get my drift?


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nawa oo so we should not even have sex at all. :joy::joy:


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we plenty be that o… That means I’m a serial “adulterist”:rofl::rofl::joy: Thank God say our mind is renewed everyday… Abeg, we go still make heaven regardless…


True. It’s in the Bible.

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For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD!
ROM 3:23

emphasis on the bold letters.


If i and my spouse are alike sexually, there are telling signs to observe. Don’t really av to make love to see it.


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Yeah I get your drift Sis…
You mean both are wrong so none should be given more attention than others. Correct! I agree.

But please look at it this way:
Perpetual fornicators most likely become adulterers. Those who make a habit of premarital sex tend to be very much into extra marital sex.

So like cancer, I think vehemently addressing the problem (fornication) from the early stage (premarital sex) might just help reduce the tendency of engaging in extra marital sex (adultery)

My Position

(Note: Adultery should also be tackled head on)


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this is a very good point but hidden personality traits always get in the way.