Pages from my diary


Alright alright. @theunofficialomotayo don blow the wind. We don see the bluckus of the fowl.
@Bobo is anonymous20. Please do tell how you found out.

The stories are mine. Mostly culled from my journal and fleashed to a readable form.
Thank you for the compliment… and for bursting the bubble :grinning:


Lol…well, I noticed an error in the upgrades done recently while nosing around the nooks and corners of the site (yes, let me enjoy the feeling of being a genie). The secret, I won’t tell you sir :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regarding your stories, they are reaaaally nice!. Do you screenwrite?

@evansakanno @Oluwarufus Your attention is needed on this


@evansakanno and @oluwarufus so going anonymous no dey work again. I will sue u guys ooo


Wow. Ok. And thank you again.
I do not screen write. This is actually my first foray to writing short stories and I am still uncertain about many things hence the need for the anonymity. But as you don blow the trumpet now…


Oh wow…Your stories don’t cut across as one from someone who’s just honing his writing skills. You should apply for the Etisalat literature prize with your first story o.

Maybe I might adapt your first story into a short film (with your permission of course). Would it be too much if I asked you to mail me the story in a document for treatment and maybe screenplay?


It’s not too much. I am honestly very surprised and honored. If you can kindly DM me your email i would send it to you.


Thank you!
DM sent.



Anonymous doesn’t work again???


@bobo you’re such a good writer…


Thank you pretty



Thanks Bobo…


Let me jejely go and delete all my anonymous crazy posts :joy::joy:


Don’t mind her jor


So it’s you???

I’ll be on the lookout… :face_with_monocle:


As if you didn’t post anonymous dark thoughts




Why commit suicide


You are good I must confess but no title for this next story… I was confused sha


Thank you for the compliment and sorry about the confusion… Natsuco; the Japanese girl series ended already. The second story was suppose to be the beginning of another series but I have decided to discontinue…


No…it is interesting please continue it, am loving it