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First he had been dreaming. Then, there was an interlude of blissful oblivion. But as his awareness slowly began to stir, the absence of everything was no longer nothing. The emptiness was dense and palpable. Almost like a towering presence that filled the room.
Soon, he would experience sleep paralysis again. that dreadful immobile state between sleep and wakefulness. He moved his eyeballs in its sockets and patiently waited for the Nightmare.

Suddenly he felt a strong pull from his solar plexus dragging him through a hole in the bed. He felt his entire body sinking into the mattress, Then through the mattress to the under side. He realized he was falling freely. Falling into the darkness of a terrible abyss. He wanted to scream but his mouth would not bulge. He wanted to curl into a ball but his body felt heavy And He kept on falling.
It felt like the hypnotic scene from the “Get out” movie.
Out of nowhere, a loud monotonous noise like a single blast of a trumpet pierced the black void and startled him back to the bed. He regained his motor function and curled into the fetal position. He pulled on his blanket and wrapped it tightly around his body. His heart was racing wildly. He could feel the beads of perspiration on his forehead. he was fully awake now. A frightened baby.

It was one of those many moments, But he noted that this was a little more intense. In the distance he heard the drowning sound of a power bike. “That was the sound that punctured his dream” he thought. “It must have sounded like a trumpet when it was near”. When he heard it from under it scared him. Now he was grateful for it.

He slowly uncurled his body and stretched. He chuckled in embarrassment when he thought of how frightened he was and the illusion that folding into a ball and hiding beneath covers would protect him from the terror. It is the same as flipping on the light switch when one suspect the boogeyman lurks in the dark corner. Is the light suppose to keep you safe or scare the phantom away?

He shrugged the thoughts out of his mind. Today of all days is not when to give in to childish regressions. For the past 5 years since he got to the United State, he has been counting down till today. He checked the time on his phone. 4.15 am. Well, the actual moment is still a few hours away. “Wow” he thought. “Just a few hours more and she would finally be here with me In flesh and blood.” His excitement began to build up.


for those of us that are asking for more. this is another one.
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He had always considered himself a time traveler. He had relived past memories and future fantasies. He had loved many people and many things But he has fallen in love only once. For a long time, music has been the chief love of his life - he has always posited that the scientific discovery of scales, tunes and the transposition of music to mathematics is the greatest innovation of all time. - And then along came Jadesola an embodiment of music personified.
slowly She morphed with everything he had wished for in his dreams.

At first appraisal, Jadesola is not stunningly beautiful but the richness of her melanin makes her stand out like a mahogany tree. They were in the same faculty but different departments. Sometimes, they take courses together. The first time he noticed her, she was just another girl with an incredibly black skin, white corneas, full lips and big boobs. She always wore her hair in curly low cuts with large rings defiantly dangling from her ears much to the chagrin of most lecturers.

He remembered the moment they first connected. It was a few days after he arrived from his Industrial Training in Lagos. He had come back for the farm year all 400 Level student in the Faculty of Agriculture is mandated to attend. The rest of the school was on vacation. Left to him, the farm year was a waste of time. He would rather be in Lagos learning and earning than doing rounds on various animal Pens.
That afternoon was hot and humid. Most of the students gathered beneath the shade of an acacia tree. He was talking to his friend about the book he was currently reading. She was sitting by herself and in a low tone, singing a familiar tune.

“…Can’t keep on loving you one foot outside the door
I hear a funny hesitation of a heart that’s never really sure
Can’t keep on trying if you looking for more
Than all that I can give you
Than what you came here for…”

He was still for a moment Squinting his eyes in recollection. then he turned away from his friend and towards her.
“Hey,” he said. “I know that song”
She turned towards him and raised her eyebrow slightly “oh yeah?’ she said
Her lips were shiny with gloss.
“That is Brandy right?” He asked a bit unsure. “ Uncle Segun always repeat that song when he is ironing”
She nodded. “Almost doesn’t count.” She said. “ maybe your uncle is a Brandy boy”
He scoffed “ abegi Which one is Brandy boy again?”
She smiled. “You know now. Guys that like Brandy.”
Oh, he definitely loves brandy.” When he is drunk you can hear him snore five miles away.”
She laughed. “ you’ve got jokes. I can tell you are not much of a fan. Most guys think her songs are effeminate anyway.”
“Aren’t they?”
“It depends on how you interpret the song. It amuses me that people would ascribe gender to something as abstract as music.”
“So Brandy boys are loyal male fans out to prove a point?” He asked.
“ I don’t know about proving a point,” she said “ you make it sound like they are on a crusade or something. I was just asking if your uncle is a fan because Brandy is pretty cool. She is one of the few black girls in the industry who attained relevance without having to peddle her sexuality”
She then proceeded to give him an oral documentary about Brandy. Her background and the various events in her life that triggered her evolution from a vocalist to an artist. When she listed her discography, she gave the backend gist to each of the albums and singles. She mentioned Songs that are wrought out of raw emotions and those that are geared towards commercial acceptance. How Brandy dropped out of high school to be home tutored so she could focus.

He would later get to realize Jadesola’s uncanny ability to justify her choices with detailed and convincing information not just with music but almost everything else.

On his way home that evening, he visited Oladom Records and bought the CD of Brandy’s Second Album; Never Say Never. She has asked him to start there.
By the end of that week, he had secretly and reluctantly began to consider himself a “Brandy boy.”

… to be continued.


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He checked the time again. 05.12 Am. Her plane would touch down Around ten thirty. He plans to be there an hour early.
The last time they spoke was shortly before she boarded. He could tell that she was Emotional and might have been crying. He could sense a certain reluctance in her voice. He knew it was because of the goodbye she just said to her mum And probably the lingering uncertainties of plunging into the unknown. He had petitioned for her as his fiancee but they have been oceans apart for years. even before he left, their affair was cut short before it could fledge.

Back then, she had been firm in her resolve that they cannot be together. “My parents would not even consider giving their daughter out to a Non-Muslim let alone someone who does not believe in anything” she had said.
“I am not an atheist and you know that”. he blurted.
“As far as they are concerned, if your religion does not have a name you don’t believe in anything,” she said.
“I am not religious. But I believe in the Living Spirit that is evidence in all Life and none of those bullshit sets of doctrines, routines and practices that are designed to manipulate people. The presence of God is everywhere and not in specific buildings, Books or manner of worship. why is that so hard for people to understand?”
“I do Understand, ” she said Matter of factly. “I know You but they don’t. “Woke” or No, My Family would always be there for me and you might not be.” She said.
He thought her excuse was absurd and replete with distrust. “If you know me like you said, then you would know that I can never hurt you,” he said. “I love you.”
She shook her head “you don’t know that. You don’t know that.” she said. “sometimes we don’t always end up with the one we truly love. I do not doubt your affection for me at all.”
“You don’t doubt me but you think I am not worth the risk?” He asked
“ it’s not that.” She said. It is a lesson from past experience and self-preservation that I am putting into effect. I have chosen pragmatism over sympathy. I don’t expect you to understand, but I am a product of the society. and there is only so much outside of it that I can live while I am still in it. I choose not to pick that battle with my parents again”. She had said.

That had shut him up. She sounded like she had fought that war before and had lost. It broke his heart that she would consider being with him something to be sympathetic about. He’d concluded that she did not love him enough or at least not with the same degree of absolute acceptance that he has for her.
She would not love him blindly. not Unconditionally. That shook him.
He thought of the people that had loved him genuinely but he did not care. He had broken a lot of hearts too. He explained it away as his fear of abandonment and Mamma issues that he needed to sort out. Now his Karma was echoing back at him in torrents.
After that, he had recoiled and their affair slowly fizzled back to Friends which further faded during their separation in Service year.

…to be continued.


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He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to pee. He sleeps naked most of the time when he is alone. He positioned himself to let the urine flow freely without any hand support. He looked around and was satisfied at the cleanness of the place. He had taken a few days off from work to prepare for her arrival. He had delayed the house cleaning until yesterday so the neatness would still be fresh when she comes. While he was doing the scrubbing, he had felt uneasy for no apparent reason. He was plunging into uncertainty too. In his dreams as in the black hole, and in reality or so it seems.
There was no doubt in his mind that he loves her. Only that time had touched her. Time has touched her The same way he had been touched. Time changes everything it touches.

in time, Her father died. He took with him the solidity of her World and her initial resolve.
In time, he had won the lucky visa to America, but he never stopped loving her.
They had reconnected somehow and he revisited her argument about society and bid her to take the leap and join him on the other side. She was very reluctant but he had seen the crack. She still made him try hard. Made him establish the fact that he was the one convincing her to take a chance with him. He had hired an immigration firm to handle the petitioning so there would be no story. Still, he monitored every step of the process with impatient diligence. After she was granted the visa, he wanted her to come right away. But she insisted on waiting another six months to get things together. He had waited longer than that for her to give him a date so he can purchase her ticket. then finally she did. There was not a single doubt in his mind.
Now as he was peeing, he felt like he understood what his body was telling him yesterday while he was scrubbing the bowl.
A recessive part of him has been wondering all along if he is not being too tenacious and clinging only to an idea. If He is not stepping off the cliff, Plunging into an uncertain abyss as much as she is.

…to be continued.


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