Personal Experiences


On Sunday I had the opportunity to listen to @Yeye story on radio. It was really touching and a real eye opener. So I was thinking, there could be people in here that could have stories that we could learn from. Maybe we could do it by nominating. The higher the nomination, I think the nominee would oblige to share their stories. I would love it if we could start with @yeye

What do you all think? If you are want @yeye to start off can we keep tagging her…

@pretyprexy @fola @Judy @Darryice @NaijaLander @Kachie @Kiitan @Chapetra @Tolu_Mals @Drew @Aje @W.O @maikel_Coker


@yeye pls come o


Aaaw. Didn’t tune in cos NEPA showed us pepper for 4days. Can u summarize please?


Great idea, @Yeye come and answer your name


How about we make this a #zegistchat ? Also what time of the day will you guys prefer this holds?


@Yeye :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Yeah I tuned in , It was very inspiring . Had another life in review session after listening @yeye :+1::+1::hugs:


Please share with us @Yeye


Hi everyone :wave:,

I really appreciate the support. We can have it as a Zegist Chat. I definitely would love to share the story again.


Alright cool… If @yeye is going to be on Friday for zegist chat, @fola @pretyprexy Who do we nominate next to share a personal experience?!
The highest nominee takes the slot


I nominate @NaijaLander next to share his personal experience on any topic that interests him.


I’ll nominate @Judy or @Drew


Pick one


ok oh @Yeye carry yasef and come and tell us ya experience. tankiu


I nominate @NaijaLander also :blush:


We’re fixing @Yeye 's talk for tomorrow but we’re yet to settle for the preferred time.
@W.O @geezybee @Kachie @iamtosyne @Drew @Judy @maikel_Coker and others
Please suggest time you’ll like for this talk to hold tomorrow


I nominate @NaijaLander too… I’ve missed his presence here tho


Yay! For me, 1pm will be okay


8.30pm is okay for me