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Ok @iamtosyne I wanna tell a story of how a gay person became my closest friend in university.

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Anyway, it’s the first time I’m telling anyone this story so I’ll appreciate if we keep an open mind.

My best friend in college was Sam & he was gay. I did not know he was gay for a while, my girlfriend broke the news to me. We even used to toast babes together, so there is no way I could have known since I was super ignorant about the world around me at the time.


Eyah abeg @NaijaLander should be next. I want to hear this story


How did I find out?
My girlfriend back then used to tease him about being gay and we’ll just laugh it off until a gay ex boyfriend of his in the same school contacted her about their drama. She showed me some screenshots the guy (the ex-boyfriend) sent to her whatsapp. We both visited Sam and asked him about it, I’ve always been liberal in thinking (I’m not sure why), I’ll admit I was disgusted for a bit but the guy is alright when you overlook that part so we went on to be even better friends. He was of course a good friend, he never for once made advances at me since I made it clear I do not roll like that. I never bothered asking if he had a crush on me, I really did not want to know, having a gay friend close to me was enough drama.


Lol… I can only imagine the look on ur face for that split seconds. The moment he confirmed he was gay.


What did I learn from this experience?
I learned that homosexuality is a choice but can also occur naturally. I also learned gay people are not monsters, they are just attracted to people of the same sex as them, this does not necessarily translate to some demonic affliction. It also made me kind of anti social, these days, I prefer making female friends, because anybody could turn out gay and I’d rather not have a gay friend (no offense to any gay person reading this).

I still reserve my stance on decriminalizing homosexuality although I remain anti-gay marriage legalization.


It was very uncomfortable. If I wasn’t an open minded person, I would have probably avoided the guy, I did avoid him for a while but we are not enemies so it’s fine.