Personal Experiences


Massive playback in ur mind.

The day he rubbed ur back
The day he winked at you


I have always wanted to meet a gay person. Just to talk sha and try to be in their world. Just to imagine what they go through.


Yeah we could link you up with Boborisky… I dunno why I want to meet him to ask why he choose that way.


@pretyprexy @fola can you help us find someone that is willing to share their experience. I mean a gay



Thinking about this experience makes me cringe sometimes. But don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the experience. It has helped celebrate human diversity, honestly I feel like I could be friends with anyone now.


Not Bobrisky abeg. Someone that has brain and can communicate properly. Not that bleaching rat


I feel he is best to choose, forget the bleaching stuff.


they find this term derogatory.


When we have Bisi Alimi or wetin be the surname sef.


Don’t assume he chose it. They find that offensive too.




Oh really… What do we call them?! Monosexualists?!!


Yeah Bisi…they are plenty


Ooooh but I feel Boborisky has sth he would love to share to anyone who would care to listen.


I agree.


I don’t have the strength to listen. The sound of his name makes me tired sef


@pretyprexy I see an opportunity there to get more members for the forum although you might end up attracting the homosexual demographic instead so maybe it’s a bad idea.


call 'em by their names.


See, he is a sweet guy only if you get to listen and understand his point of view.


It’s just that we can’t control people’s statement. If bobrisky comes here, zegist will go viral


@fola @pretyprexy


So you’re saying we should get bobrisky? hahahahahaha… Or lets have a Zegist chat with him. I don’t even know anyone that is gay sef… Not sure i know anyone i can reach out to…