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About your personal experience


Oga😁 I can’t be sharing experience for entertainment only .It has to teach something. When I have something worth sharing I will let you know…


Anything you think we can learn from


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Mehn… There is plenty to share. I would want to share about “How fear can make or mess up your career pursuit” if that’s OK with us




A lot of persons will live life better or succeed in their career pursuit if they could answer the question

What if?!!

This statement comes out of fear of the unknown.

I am a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Maiduguri but presently working as a graphic designer.


I was suppose to study Medicine but the fear of blood made not to pursue that. I had the opportunity to study Pharmacy as well but I didn’t want to stay too long in school because I was scared still…of what?!! I swear I still don’t know till date.

The only thing I knew was, “I was not going to work with my certificate” or better still the course I studied. I knew that even before gaining admission into the University


After serving in Bayelsa, I worked for 2 years and I knew it was time to pursue “graphic design” as a career but where should I go for this pursuit…

I decided that Lagos was the place. Meanwhile I have never stayed for up to a year in Lagos. I had no family member, no friend to put up with, no promise of job… Nothing at all.

My take home while at Bayelsa was just enough for a “hand to mouth” kind of life. I was left with the option of leaving Bayelsa to Lagos with NOTHING… This was enough to make fear a colleague.

I came into Lagos with 5000naira and I was already at Sagamu when I started looking for where to stay. Luckily a friend from my university had her family staying at Magboro…before Berger. She said I could stay with them. I had no option. I went for it.


Before leaving I sought for advice. Spoke with @evansakanno if I could secure internship anywhere. He gave me some agencies. I came down to Lagos and secured a no-pay internship with rewrite.

My first month in Lagos was “crazy”… With nothing to fall back on… I still kept on pushing but I was scared that I would die. But I used that to keep on pushing because obviously I didn’t want to die.

After 1 month at my place of internship and hunger wanted to bury me. I looked for a job and luckily I got one after 3 weeks of hunting.

I still wasn’t satisfied. I resigned after a month and even though I was scared that I was back in the “job-hunting” market, I kept on pushing…

Fear gives you an image that is unrealistic. It stops you from moving ahead with vain promise of keeping you in your comfort zone.

To cut the long story short…

After 2 weeks of looking for job and improving on my work, I got 5 interviews and secured 3 jobs.
1 work from home and 2 full time jobs that I had to choose from.


In conclusion, if I had stayed back because of fear, I would still be at Bayelsa, with “hand to mouth” kind of salary…with nothing but hopes.

But here I am… I am not where I want to be but I am on the path to a career I have always wanted to be on.


Wow!!! Questions though.

  1. What if she couldn’t help?
  2. Are you always that brave?
  3. Weren’t you scared?
    Mehn, I respect your liver bros :clap:

  1. I have a philosophy I live with… “There is always a way”. I would have found a way out…

  2. In most situations, Yes

  3. I was damn scared… I just used it as fuel to keep pursuing.


Wishing you the best in your pursuits :+1: :+1: :+1:




Your story is very inspiring! Your bravery no be here o… Thank God it actually paid… :clap::clap::clap:


Thank God it did ooo