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Quite an interesting story… God bless you!


So u’ve been in this same Lagos all along and I didn’t know!! Issokay!

Earlier this month I felt like packing my bags and moving away to some other state or something. I wasn’t scared oh, I was just having this ‘fernweh’ feeling. If I was abroad I would have done it without thinking. Just pack my bags and move to another city.

I salute ur bravery and I’m glad it paid off for u! :clap:t5::clap:t5:




Anyways @judy its your turn…
Then another phase of nominations


:smirk::smirk::smirk: I don’t have anything to share




I celebrate you @iamtosyne that you took such bold step when all odds were against you is inspiring. keep soaring.


Bro, I admire your courage, May we all win in life




Awesome and inspiring story. I am here looking into your future and how the generation to come will be looking at you in amazement for coming to Lagos with just 5k. You dare the impossible and you are already on your way to living your dreams. Congratulations and greater open doors to follow. @iamtosyne


Bro this is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


You are soo brave…how did your folks feel about you going to a place where you had no one?


I got there before I told them anything in details. lost but found aniekan


Please who is the next person to share… I’m already enjoying this thread.


Really brave and daring of you


@ruthameh125 should have a very inspiring story for us…I think she should share…


Deep stuff menh!;


you are to nominate who you want to share




Thank you FAM for the nomination but I am not ready to let my personal experience that would inspire out yet,when I do, I will definitely share. Thank you.