Please Help! My Family Thinks Its A Bad Decision Waiting For My Boyfriend In Jail


Well, that’s what some people assume love to be…

My own is, if you’re ready, be ready!!! Don’t joke with it… Its either you love someone to hold on to them or you don’t and let them go…(you might still like them but maybe not for a relationship…).


Well for this situation or even anyone at all one has to be careful not to make d wrong decision all in d name of love. Me I don’t see a reason why u wud make a young lady who u re nt married or even gotten engaged to for dat matter wait 12years for u all in d name of love

It sounds harsh, don’t u tink
Not DAT am saying she shud leave. DAT is y I see the situation as very tough


True sha,…


The thing is, it should just be an agreement between both of them… Truth is, its her life… If she can take the risk then its fine…

Would it not be better to wait for the guy you truly can entrust your forever to than go for a guy you don’t trust and love… 12years will roll by and the guy will be out of jail but then the girl might be in her own marital jail forever…

So she has to be sure of her decisions and be ready to take responsibility for them too…


This I strongly agree

Life is very uncertain u knw. What is also the assurance DAT dis guy wud be her closest to perfect fit. I don’t think it is about who u love but rather how u love. If u love wrongly even the right person might look wrong or the wrong person look right

It takes Gods intervention first of all, den a lot of thinking and understanding
The decision shud be mutual sha, DAT way no one will be blamed for it nt turning out fine, dats if it doesn’t. She shudnt stay cus she thinks d guy is the right one, it shud b cus she knows(certainty). Even DAT is difficult too. Life is all about risk

I guess d question to be asked is @talesoflove are u willing to take d risk regardless of the outcome


Yeah… She has to be very sure…


First of all, it’s your life and how you choose to spend your moments is a right that’s also exclusively yours. However actions have outcomes that we might not have control over how they play out. Your family is right to be concerned, in 12 years you’d be few years shy of 50. I know people say age is just a number but what would you be doing while you wait; hope deferred makes the heart sick you know. If you really want to wait for him, be sure it’s for the right reasons. If you feel indebted to him, it’s understandable… If moving on feels like betrayal it’s a perfect emotional response. If you choose to wait you need to come to terms with facts and what you’ll be dealing with and decide if you can deal. Everyone saying you should move on are only making sure that you aren’t throwing your life away out of a feeling of indebtedness. You shouldn’t go through this alone, lean on those who care about you. Seek clarity in your mind, it’s however ultimately your decision; seek as much help as you can both options have serious ramifications.


It actually is. Most times your family sees what you don’t see.

We have a specimen - The hot felon, Jeremy Meeks (Hope i got that right) dude that broke the internet with his mugshot.

His wife stood by him while he was in jail for years only to be released and now has moved on with another woman.


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