Poor man's poor mind

Short essay by Mustopha.

Poor man doesn’t have money (obviously :roll_eyes: ).

Poor man is a danfo :oncoming_automobile: driver.

Poor man’s vehicle has issues ( as usual ). The break doesn’t work.

Poor man borrowed money :moneybag: to repair his auto-mobile.

On a certain day, on Lagos road, Poor man sets out for the mechanic. Suddenly and unexpectedly a tricycle - keke - stops in the middle of the road to pick a passenger. Poor man couldn’t do anything as he watched his vehicle hit the stationary tricycle.

“My back!” A pregnant woman in the tricycle shouted. A miscarriage? “My back ooo.” The woman let out another loud and prolonged wail.

“Oga, come and take this woman go hospital” shouted passersby.

The only money on Poor man is intended to repair his own vehicle. He contemplated running away but his car won’t start.

Reluctantly, Poor man took the pregnant woman to the hospital. The doctors are demanding more than is on him before attending to the lady.

Poor man needs to borrow another money. Double wahala.

He expects more trouble soon.



The story reads like an alternate version of a traditional song my aunty taught me when I was a little kid.

Keep going @Mustopha



I could picture myself in Poor Man’s shoes.

More episodes coming up, yeah?


I’ll like to hear this song

Let’s see how it goes. Poor man is really every man. I could also picture myself in him.

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You sow, you reap.

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