Post your no make up selfies here


actually this guy is just looking for who to sleep with here. I’m on to you @Udousen_Ukpeme, I’ll keep bullying you till you apologize and change your ways. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




actually this guy is just looking for who to sleep with here.



OK @Drew it been a while since mi came around … So ya don’t know me , permit mibto introduce my self … Ayyam d official colour man … I pick colour for any zegist wedding


Cool …nice to meet you :blush::blush:

Sadly there’s no wedding in sight for the combo you mentioned. You would have to wait for another combo


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Okay I’m not here





Cute selfie @Mira thanks for sharing :smile:


Oh! Pleeeeeease.


You don’t agree.


Let him jxt say no, I have a gun here waiting to be discharged. Lol


I just realised @Kiitan never dropped a no make up selfie. Oya baby gurl…I’m waiting. :slight_smile:


@Youralibi1 mi toh sure, oya drop a no make up selfie and stunt on these ladies…:smiley:


@KubasuInyanya my oldest friend on the forum, show us some of that clean East African beauty…


mehn I can’t believe @Drew made me suffer for that selfie…you wicked ooo!!!


I did o. You’ve forgotten. You wan see how I look abi? So that when you see me with all the make up and all you’d know my real face is not exactly what you’re seeing abi? :rofl:


na the plan be dat…let me see the real thing. Is beg I’m begging ooo…some guys on here have major crush on you @theunofficialomotayo for example can’t stop talking about you :wink:


@theunofficialomotayo come and see how @NaijaLander is setting you up and spoiling your paroles for the babe wey we dey try teach Spanish :joy:


I have no idea what youre talking about @NaijaLander

@kiitan Don’t mind agbalumo. Meanwhile your no makeup selfie is :heart_eyes: