Post your no make up selfies here


When it comes to uploading pics now na me be the first but when they say money things @Aniekan will say her name starts with an A :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:





@Ms_aijohi don’t fail me o.


It’s 1 - 1 now. Who’s next? :running_man:


You can lead then I will follow


Ladies first…let us see the face that came with za legs


Make up free Friday




Honestly I don’t have any recent picture without makeup. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

This was over a year ago plus there’s little lip gloss on.


You look so innocent and cute :kissing_heart:


I’m dead… Do boys wear make-up? When you are not Bobrisky?

cc: @NaijaLander


Thanks Opetunde



Lol oya…see the pishure na



@pretyprexy @fola @Kachie @Judy @ruthameh125 we are waiting o.

But wait first o, so @iamtosyne is fine like this and @Judy is still forming for him? Nawa o


Thanks babe


Alright ladies! I really wanna see natural faces @Aniekan I’m impressed, @Ms_aijohi you are beautiful , @Drew08 still waiting. Honestly I think it’s important for women to be happy with their appearances, damn the world’s beauty standards and love thyself.

So upload away, boys are waiting!


This talk is quite touching :joy:


We are happy with our appearances, with or without makeup! In fact, pic coming right away. First, explain
to me how to upload a picture here.