Predict and Win - Nigeria vs Croatia - World Cup 2018


Hello @zegisters Nigeria will be taking on Croatia this Saturday by 8pm. Lets bring back the glory of the 90’s. Who do you think will win the match?

  • Nigeria wins
  • Croatia wins

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The first perfect prediction of the match scores gets N5000.


Nigeria 2 - 1 Croatia


Croatia 2 - 1 Nigeria


Haba… You no believe in us ni?


Nigeria 0- Coratia 1


Nigeria 2 - 0 Croatia

Note: I know nothing about football, I just want Nigeria to beat Croatia.




Nah, am so sorry :joy::joy:. Our midfield players can’t stand theirs. They will dominate the game and 2 - 1 is the score. Maybe Kelechi Iheanacho will be our goal scorer :smiley:


What of Mikel…?


After watching how Russia spelt Saudi today, I’m scared for Naija sha :joy:
Bhet well sha, I’m still rooting for them.
Nigeria 2-1 Croatia


We belong to the same WhatsApp group :joy:


I know we have slight concerns over our inexperienced 19- year-old goalkeeper Francis Uzoho, since Vincent Enyeama’s retirement but i’m hopeful


I predict a draw for our first match.


No goal goal :muscle:t4:


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: why!!!


Why didn’t I predict this. Errmmm, if u win, we will share the money o because u stole my idea :joy::joy::joy:


I feel it will be a tough game. Or 1:1

None will win the other.



Is this your 19-year-old?


Adebayo o :joy::joy::joy:

He is really 19


I see nigeria winning
Nigeria 2 - 1 Croatia