Predict and Win - Nigeria vs Croatia - World Cup 2018


It was stopped, they were stopped from tldoing that,…let’s see what happens in our next match


Yeah, they were banned from taking in live chickens. Maybe, next one, they will enter with yam. Since they want to go and offer sacrifices inside the stadium. :roll_eyes:


I shaa don’t know why Moses was falling anyhow… My mum made the fall funny with her comments :joy::joy::joy:


Anyway I still have Germany to console me. Looking forward to it.


He’s the wall of Jericho :joy::joy::joy:


lol… If Nigerians catch that pig eh…


Well, all hope is not lost. They tried their best, but their best wasn’t good enough today. They will play the ball(not egg) better when playing with Argentina and Iceland.

Nigeria will make it out of the group stage. :muscle:


Can I still predict :blush::yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They did.


It became too much and so annoying, I almost slapped him through the tv.


Nigeria can still qualify. As usual, let us get our calculators out and start the maths.
If Argentina win Croatia and Nigeria win Iceland then???
proper Nigerian qualifications. shaking my big head


Thanks bro


Poor pig…maybe he was on tramadol when he choose or gave Nigerians hope


My prediction for Nigeria is a loss against Argentina, a draw or loss against Iceland and we are home…lmao


:joy::rofl: u are just wicked anyhow :woman_facepalming:t4:


No, am just saying the truth…our world cup ended that moment Iceland drew Argentina, cos looking at those teams, I don’t see us beating any of them


Moral lesson from this Nigeria vs Croatia match: Branding can not save a bad product.


Oh daughter!!! When did you learn to talk like me?


I’m learning pretty fast from you then! :joy::joy:


@Mira ur guys have a message for,