Propane or electrical heater


Which is better? Which one is the best warm?


As far as I know propane heat is more economical and more efficient than electric heat. Virtually anything in your house, restaurant or building that can run on electricity can run on propane. However, the cost of a propane fueled home is actually less than the cost of a home with electric heat.


Personally I use propane heat because it is a major selling point when buying a home . As an affordable, cleaner alternative to oil, it’s the fuel of choice among a growing number of homeowners. Cheaper than electricity and more efficient than natural gas, propane heat is something you should look for when house hunting.


guys, I totally agree with you, because propane heater is much better than an electrical one, because propane heater heats the room evenly, by the way, it saves electricity and it turns to be a cheap solution to heat the room. Frankly speaking I only recently decided to buy propane heater, because I’d been thinking that propane heater is dangerous, because if there will be a gas leak, then it will lead to suffocation, however, then I read an article about propane heater and found out, that propane gas is not dangerous to breathe and it doesn’t cause the suffocation. By the way, after I read that information, I decided to buy ProCom ML060HPA propane heater, and I’ve never regretted :slight_smile:


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