Provarbs 32

The words written by King Aje to his Son…

There is an evil I have seen under the sun, a beautiful woman with brains and character! How do they want us to cope?

Who can find a sumptuous woman, with degrees in sensuality and sexuality?
Her mates envy her for she has a diploma in humility and knows the dexterity of feminism
When she cooks, Heaven is at attention,
When she handles the books, even Professors are in confusion, for she is a marvel.
Her pride is in the works of her hands,
independently dependent of anyone,
shopping with skillful reserve that thy ATM card be not red!
Who wouldn’t want her to him wed?

Behold, her neck as long as her ambitions,
slender and sleek as the narrowly hidden treasures we seek,
so is her aura, shining on this convention.
Forget not the taste of her nipples,
Fear not the curves of her behind,
Hail her gift for causing heart throbbing ripples,
when thy lips in kisses bind.

My Son, whenever you find her,
do make sure you wife her
and forever life her.

Hear me my son, and thou would surely see the sun!
Take no offense when she has PMS
for at that time, the gods deem it fit that she bears no sense.
As the sky colour changeth, so does her mood waneth.
My Son, blessed are you when thou can recognise,
the woman, the girl or the mother speaking in her,
for thou would surely know which words to hold firm.

Never i say, never!
Say anything offensive about her weight, body or self,
that it might be well with thy peace of mind.

Forget not the benefits of having one woman,
and no other besides her.
That thy account may not be red, nor thy blood pressure high!
For what does it profits a man, if he spends on two rivers,
when one is enough to drown him!

Lastly my son, Tie this at the thumb of thy right hand.
God made a perfect man, but made his weakness, Feelings!
This is the evil that I have seen

©Aje 2017

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Really cool stuff man! …and ‘a bit’ visual too :wink:

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My best part…

This is simply awesome…

It’s deep… Awesome…

And there are women like that… Right?


Yes there are o. I’m sure you are part of them



Still on the path…
I’m a work in progress…and I’ll definitely hit the peak of this…



I love this part so I modified it for the ladies

The female version:

Hear my daughter and thou would surely keep thy sanity!
Take no offense when he is broke
for at that time, the gods deem it fit that he bears no sense
As a hot iron is bent out of shape, so doth his ego waneth
My daughter, sane shall thou stay when thou can recognise,
the man, the boy or the father speaking in him
for thou shall surely know which words to respond to

One gift thou shouldest desire if thou willest to spend forever with him,
Is that thou mayest know when to keep shut and when to talk
Never! I say never,
Say anything that might destroy his ego
That thou mayest live in peace with the man thou lovest

Forget not the benefit of satisfying thy man on thy marital bed
That thou sellest not his love for you to potential baby mamas,
Who lurketh about to destroy thy marriage

Always remember my daughter, that thou hath the pride of thy husband,
Therefore when thou to him wed,
Never lose thy pretty self to the habit of tieing wrapper like an old woman,
But thou shall take good care of thy body
As much as it lieth in thee, remain pretty in stature and in dressing

Never forget my daughter, marriage is not the peak of fulfillment in life,
With the right man, it is an accelerator to fulfilling purpose
But with the wrong man, thou shall have thy life and purpose destroyed altogether
Therefore, run not hurriedly into marriage
But lean thou on God’s wisdom to make the right choice

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