Racism----Self inflicted or not?

Racism is a nasty act and should always be denounced, so don’t misunderstand my standpoint. But in all cases, you have to look at things objectively. When you have a young girl who is actually from Ijebu-ode claiming Connecticut or Ohio this just screams self-hate. Why do most african-American people deny their roots and cry racism? It just doesn’t make sense.



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: It’s not their fault na, it’s the hardship and struggle in Nigeria that have caused it.

On a serious note, I thinks this does not just applies to Nigerians but mostly Africans in diaspora.Their focus is becoming a citizen after which they forget all about their root.

This is a question to ponder on. meanwhile I’d like to see @Aje @W.O @abnetz thoughts on this

Its not so cool to be an African in diaspora, in some neighbourhoods, your life can be at risk. there is so much negativity that is being associated with it, hence the “self-hate”, but i think more people are embracing their african roots now sha. Times have changed tho. :sunglasses:


The black man has been brainwashed to believe ‘greener pastures’ only exist in foreign lands and hence to get full access to that it’s best not to associate with one’s root, this has been passed on from generation to generation, So it’s just a cycle it’s quite rampant now because of the media influence.


Because they are ‘made’, you won’t find a person who just got his citizenship and is still finding his feet claim their roots… Bunch of people embracing their roots are well to do and mostly celebrities

Yeah, i get your point. Maybe the numbers isn’t so significant, But “unmade” people embrace their roots too.

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I think this thing racism is a mindset, especially now in this our genaration oh! But I won’t blame those that are trying to fit in. It’s because of stories they’ve heard, or probably the place they stayed.

I personally haven’t experienced racism blatantly even though I lived in a narcissistic country one time. My dad experienced it, my cousin(she’s biracial) is still being called a nigga by her mates. The day she told me, I told her to pay no mind to them and anytime they ask her who she is she should tell then she’s from Africa. I think it worked.

To me the tribalism we experience in Nigeria on a daily basis is worse than racism. At least racism can be well understood- different skin color, but how do we explain tribalism where we all have the same skin color,come from the same tribe and still feel rejected. The white folks can freely show us racism because they know we Africans are not united. We don’t respect ourselves so tell me how they’ll respect us.
Let’s fix our minds first. Racism is a mindset, tribalism is a sin! My two cents o


My thoughts too :facepunch: