Random Musings (ANON-ONLY)


Indeed we do :pensive:


Well, thats the way it is… If the news platform feel it may not generate enough traffic on the their website they will not look into it… Besides only few readers are interested in the real deal


How I feel right now.


And you say you’re fine. Whatever the issue is, you’ve probably been through something similar so this too will pass.


You are right brother. But the pain is not nice at all. I hate taking these Ls. Some times, you feel you deserve better.


Maybe if you look close enough, you might see how that lose set you up for a bigger win. It may not make sense now, but I bet you’ll in a not so distant future see how it is a win.


I apologized and took my L. For some weird reason, I feel so much better now lool.

Cheers brother.