Rants Thread


Welcome to the Zegist Rant Thread.

Rant 1: The door openers at Mr. Biggs and Chicken Republic

Why do we have able bodied men and women opening doors for us at an eatry? Do we not have hands to push or pull a door ? Hath the good Lord not blessed us with a cheerful heart, must everything be hierarchical.

I understand it’s about employment but still…

@Alfred you pick Rant 2


Thats what I sometimes ask my self also … But sometimes in life ehn, questions are more than answers.



Let me book Space here first.

My Rant surely coming soon… :sunglasses:


What’s up with the Traffic on the Mainland these days…
I thought it was an Island thing…
I can’t even plan an after work hang out in peace
Or use the remaining hours of the day for something fruitful…
I usually spend 30-45mins to get home … these days it is like 2hrs…


Atleast 5000 individuals move to Lagos via the mainland every day so of course the traffic is insane. Lagos is crowded and it smells, Oworonshoki bus stop smells like feases mehn :sneezing_face:


:mask::mask::mask: Damn!


I have even forgotten what traffic looks like sef, I use water transport now. Very sweet and convenient.


Eeya… Lagos People


Water transport to where ?


Badore to Ijede. to and from work.


Wow dude that is amazing!


I tell you bro, Super amazing! I wrote a blog post sef sharing my water transportation experience. aggital.com/water-transportation-my-personal-experience/


LOOks like fun. I’m definitely going to find time for this.


You should Bro. Do you stay on the mainland too?


Who did this!!!


Lol really!!!


This is one of the way forward for traffic management in Lagos. Can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve at Oworonshoki


I’ve not passed that route in a while actually. I really don’t know what’s going on.


So my rant is

Why I’m I single?? Even though I have toasters abi what’s it called now… Emm boyfriend aspirants

Why can’t I just be unsingle!! Especially now that different restaurants have popped up in Lagos, oh food!

On a serious note, why!!!


They have Sand filled the area, the swampy area (foot of third mainland bridge) from the mainland. They plan on constructing a car park,recreation centre and waterways…