Rants Thread


:joy::joy: The funny thing is, despite the traffic in Lagos, Business people do not understand anything like “there was traffic on the road”…


Why is it so hard for people who are placed in Managerial positions or top positions in a company to take responsibility…as in own it…take charge cos the salary and the privileges enjoyed is not for name only it is for actually taking responsibilities and getting stuff done…

It is highly irritating… when people just want the title but not the work that comes with it :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

By the way nice picture @NaijaLander :grin:


A lot of of Nigerians in leadership roles are like this. Their own is to just point fingers at problems and have a subordinate do the solving. They don’t lead by example and aren’t even careful to try.


Thanks. :smile:


I heard a rumour that my crush Idris Elba engaged someone and I didn’t want to believe it oh. Not until I went online and saw the pictures. I’m so heart broken right now so I just thought to rant here. Please somebody should compensate me with chocolate cake and ice cream so I can at least forget my sorrows. Oh my Idris!!! :cry::cry::cry:


Incoming baby. Take heart :sneezing_face:


All men are scum… He broke my heart too… :disappointed_relieved:


@pretyprexy @Judy. I’m just here shaking my head for the two of you o. Men are scum kor, men are cream ni.


It’s Precious that said men are scum oh, but wait fess…how can me and her be crushing on the same man ehn?! @pretyprexy


You people should answer yourself na :man_shrugging:


Oya coman be going. The one that u contributed to this matter haf do.


Hehehehehe, :hugs:


Like you are a foodie ???


Would you manage zobo n groundnut…chocolate ko latecocho ni


My rant is this…
Why do Nigerians in power in this country take its people as fools…
Why would you say a snake swallowed 36 million cash, them no dey kill the snake… Chia, very soon we go hear say nah goat chop all our ballot boxes and PVC


Humanity. thats why. Human beings are wired like that.


Blaming failure on the spiritual is also a Nigerian thing.





Oh praise God @W.O has decided to be spitting some of his WhatsApp “oro agba” rants on zegist :grinning::grinning:. If you say anything silly I will bring out my crazy, so just respect yasef :smirk: