Rants Thread


Lol, you get away please. Just go!


Ehen!! Ahan shebi it’s me and you. :crossed_fingers:t5: let’s bet you wee beg me.


Because you’re selfish.


What is grinding my gear today?

  • People who reply ‘Smiles’


I so hate them! When they do dt, I just want to see them and give them a very hot slap :woman_facepalming:t4:






U are a troublemaker :joy::rofl::rofl:




Mtn :rage: and people who don’t know when to draw the line and mind their damn fucking business.


RANT !!!

When people don’t flush in public toilets - Like in offices …

If you cannot stand to take a look at and clean up your own mess how the F* do you expect the rest of us to tolerate your shit !!!