Re: My Friend's Boyfriend Owns The Pregnancy, Not His Cousin


I read all the comments on the post about my friend getting pregnant for her cousin who raped her, unfortunately he is not the owner of the pregnancy.
We just got back from the hospital where she went for a checkup and the number of weeks the doctor confirmed is two weeks before the day the rape happened… Exciting news knowing the cousin is not the father.
Now she is torn between reporting the cousin to their family and boyfriend or keeping it a secret for him since they are friends. Aside that, her parents will still “kill her” if they know she got pregnant outside wedlock.
I have advised her to just abort the baby still and reveal the evil deeds of the cousin but she won’t listen… rather she is scared of death. I am almost giving up on her but I can’t because we’ve been together as friends for years…


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Those I couldn’t mention, @everyzegister,
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Then she shouldn’t do it. I personally won’t advice her to abort the child. Even a medical doctor won’t give such an advice, unless the pregnancy may take the ladies life (you know all those pregnancies that leave the womb to start growing somewhere else).

I still stand with letting her parents know. This is not even an unwanted pregnancy (the only unwanted pregnancy I know is the one from a rape incident, every other pregnancy no be unwanted :no_good_woman: ). But shasha, pregnancy na pregnancy, I don’t advice anyone to abort a pregnancy.

Her parents won’t kill her, laslas they will disown her. And she should kukuma tell her boyfriend so that he would accept the responsibility based on father status :slight_smile::wink::raised_hands:.

And please, don’t give up on her because she doesn’t want to abort the child. She needs you now more than ever, and please avoid every negative advice.

Peace :v:


As he be say na the boyfriend obviously get the belle except if there is another “cousin” we know not of. I’ll say she should take her boo to her parents and let introduction start, that way, pikin will be born in wedlock and wedkey!! She should keep the baby… I hope it’s a baby girl shaa…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wah wah wah !!! Wawuuuu !!! So what did she do … :bowing_woman:t4::bowing_woman:t4::bowing_woman:t4::bowing_woman:t4: