Read this! You Might Be Suffering From POLYPHAGIA


Do you constantly feel hungry and no matter how much you eat, the feeling just won’t go away? Then, you may be suffering from POLYPHAGIA

Polyphagia is a term used to describe excessive hunger and an abrupt increase in one’s appetite. It is usually caused by so many disorders such as: .

  • Diabetes: It is one of the 3 main signs of diabetes. Constant hunger or thirst and frequent urination are symptoms linked to diabetes, if you constantly feel any of these, please try to see a doctor.
  • Hypoglycemia: This is hunger caused as a result of low glucose levels, patients are advised to have meals which contain carbohydrates to increase our glucose levels.
  • Anxiety and depression: Few people divert their mind from depression by eating excessively in order to avoid facing the real condition. Therefore anxiety, depression, and stress are few main reasons to cause excessive hunger. .
  • It could also be a premenstrual symptom or due to prescription drugs, stress or binge eating disorder.

This isn’t to say that the feeling of hunger you feel is related to any disorder, sometimes you may just be PROPERLY HUNGRY. Eat that fufu and Ewedu or plantain and chicken but always remember, portion control is key.

Source: AskDamz


Odikwa very risky o… Polyphagia.

Medicine and terms. I’ve learnt something new today. Thanks for sharing @pretyprexy


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I’m safe


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I tell you o, some people can’t smell food they’ll gain 20 pounds instantly!


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My girlfriend had a period when eated a lot. It was normal for her to wake up in the middle of the night and check the fridge but in that period she was doing it more often - a few time a night. This was caused by the anxiety and we thought it is a normal body reaction. After we cured the axiety, her dinosaur appetite disappeared. We didn’t even had a clue that this can be caused by another disorder. But I’m glad that going over anxiety, fixed the hungry too. If someone has this Polyphagia caused by deppresion or anxiety, read about Sulbutiamine (, this cured my girlfriend’s brain.


My 150 kg girlfriend might have this disease too. What do you think?