Masturbate less

Forgive myself for failing so often

Embrace myself, most people thought I was weird, and it made me think there was something wrong with me, turns the wrong thing was Nigeria.

Go to Art class not science.

Deliver the love letters I wrote

Hang out more with my sisters


:rofl::rofl: What stopped you na…


I was so so shy back then. I still am actually. I don’t do well with social interaction unless I’m in a familiar crowd.


Probably study some business or communications related course not Computer science.


Would have left the country to further then but I refused because of fear of plane crashes.sad


Wouldn’t change a thing…


I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’ve made mistakes in my life and relationships but God has worked it out for my good and they’ve taught me lessons though painful


Would have change from being a science student to being a social science. Would have air my views more on some certain issues relating to my personal growth than always letting things lie.


I would have convert my 4 years of traumatizing experience studying a course most people hate with passion - Mathematics. Would have gladly have invested hours into developing my communication and creative skills.
I would have since stop craming never ending theorems and corolarries.

I am currently following my passion … Speaking. Communicating and building up weaker people.


That’s it… Never too late to start again…


I would go to a Music School and sign my contract with Mo’Hits


and be singing " o baby, shake your bumbum"… Issalrite!


Not to sing but to play drums




Why not computer science?


Just what I really enjoy


Same question on my mind…