Relationship Goals


Notice how the guy is wearing a hoodie meaning he’s been home all day waiting for her. Feminists, save your saliva.


This never happens in Nigeria but you get the idea.


because you and her are victims of Nigeria’s endemic unemployment so no work the next day, sure why not, snack away!



Not bad. Very good time to reflect on how awesome marriage is.


I wish Nigerian relationships were as intellectual as this, but alas, you are more likely to fall asleep on an episode of Super Story than reading together. Still fun sha.


Can’t wait to have these experiences :blush:
This post reminds me of this epic post that year.

Now coming to your captions

First of all, it doesn’t even look like the guy was home all day merely looking at the picture and their standing positions. Plus who says men/guys don’t wear hoodies to work these days? We can’t even tell what day of the week is represented in the picture.

And for this three, speak for yourself. Stop generalizing.




This happens.


you have been out in the rain with your man before ?


No. I haven’t


do not be so sure…
if u want it, create it… but the guy is not reading o, he is staring at her…