Roommate, flat mate or none


Which do your prefer when getting an apartment?

A roommate: that is sharing and sleeping in the same room (may be the same bed or different beds).

A flat mate: staying in the same flat or apartment but separate rooms.

None: you prefer to stay alone.

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Has to be my sister, biko.

The persons I accomodated as roommates while in school (for a while though), showed me pepper, yet I kept accomodating more even till my final year.

Chai, my tolerance level is just too high. I remember I had to tell the 2nd person to leave after she pushed me to the wall too much. For the other two, I endured a lot, yet they will paint you black outside. I really don’t care, especially when I know I am good and kind hearted.

Some persons eh… Even if misbehaving is your hobby, when you are staying with someone, at least pretend to be good. Don’t be acting as if you are wise, then when yawa gas, you will start acting like you are the victim. I don’t like what I hate.

Thank God I didn’t take accomodation money from anyone, else, I would have seen greater hell.

Flat mate?? I haven’t tried that yet, but you are cool and without too much problems, then we can be flatmates or room mates sef. In all, I love my peace of mind and I don’t need a headache from anyone



I like my privacy joor. Flat mate preferably.


Lol…see face

Muyi, you should be asleep now o.


Off to bed. :vulcan_salute:


None … I prefer to stay alone …


I agree … I’d rather sleep on the couch or the floor …?Sharing a bed is so uncomfortable… People have weird sleeping habits

I once shared my bed with an older cousin … I was 11/12… She had a sex dream …She locked her legs around me and grabbed my developing boobs … Trauma for life!!!


I’d prefer none but flatmate could work :blush:


We can share the same apartment with different rooms or I stay alone. Growing up as a child, I had my own room as the only girl and had my own bed which makes it difficult now to share. Back then in school when someone comes visiting I’ll just sleep on the floor and allow the person use my bed


Very true

Hahaha! While in deep sleep :joy: :joy:


Imagine!!! I was so traumatised … And the way growing boobs are so painful… … I didn’t even know anything about sex at that age… I couldn’t understand what kind of dream she was having that required grabbing of body parts …


:joy::joy::joy::joy: damn! Growing boobs hurt like hell. I can still remember that one time in school when a guy was running so fast and hit me on my right boob. I was immobilized for minutes, actually I think I fell to the ground from the pains. Didn’t know when I shouted my breast!!! :joy::joy:


If I had to choose any it will be Flatmate…
Naaah I kent deal with someone all up in my space but I can manage a flatmate


I prefer flat mate. I like my privacy and space so wouldn’t want to share a room and definitely not sharing a bed.

I stayed alone during my NYSC and I was bored and lonely. Plus I’m a reserved person so I need human company sometimes that will make me come out of my shell and make my life more lively.

With a flatmate, I can gave company and also have my own space since we are not sharing room. I could also have a roommate but separate beds.


None o. I do very normal things and the last roomie i had, said i was all shades of weird. I can’t come and influence another woman’s child abeg


Roomie ke?
I love my privacy. Just me and the four corners of my room Biko.
I have seen hell with roomies o. We were 3 ( the apartment was big enough for us). The were backbiting and gossiping about me to my stepbrother who was my guardian at that time (I was in another country) I was very open handed with then and open to them about my adventures too. When I found out I just carried myself and my belongings and moved out to another apartment of my own. And peace reined and I lived happily ever after.


preferably flat mates


None biko.


None Mbok…