The luminous light on the backdrop could not make his
baritone voice fade away.
No matter what I do, his dreadful voice kept coming.
It was ringing deep in my ear drum giving me aberration.
These aberration was caused by your underwhelmed attitude towards me.
Most times I feel like inflicting so much pain on you,
you could barely cry out.
I feel like I need to impale you so you would get off my back.
Now you would say that I am a sadist.
Wait, who is a sadist? Have you really checked?.
Yes! I take joy in other people’s sadness.
So what. My credibility was punctured the moment those
words left your lips and those expressions where plastered on your
disturbing faces.
You! You! You! and You! caused it. Pointing fingers, gossiping in the hallway,
cheesy comments and the wet blankets you laid upon my shoulders in the cold.
Yes I am a sadist. I agree to it and that is the first stage of my salvation. Acceptance.
Have you accepted that you are a hypocrite and a nonentity. If you have not,
then you have nothing to say me. Say it and I would be so glad to go on my
knees and pray to the"Holy Father" to inflict so much distress on you your
generations to come would partake in it.
Just leave me with my eerie wont. At least I am not cumbersome.

House of Arike.


You write so well, Arike. Well-done dear.


Thanks. I just joined this platform though and I think it’s very interesting.


Yeah baby, you are welcome.