Saint Poverty: Go Forth And Be Poor


Religion is synonymous to poverty, check it!! the most poorest nations are the most religious. Which leave me with a beckoning question.Why do poor people run to religion? The answer is plain,Religion is an opium for the masses the poor rely on religion for hope instead of standing up to a cruel system and changing or improving it. Across Asia, South America and specifically in Africa, the most impoverished people are often told pervasive lies that their reward is in an unknown paradise somewhere in the clouds. Thus, the masses take religion as a way to handle the suffering they have been told only a higher power can sooth.

Here in Nigeria like everywhere else Poor people want to pray away impoverishment but leave wearing their shoes or boiling water to logical solutions. Challenges is a way to test your already equipped brain but most of us switch it off when it comes to solving bigger frontiers like poverty and the more unsolved one challenges in life becomes, the more religious one becomes. It is also a fact that people with lesser IQ have less understanding of what is real and what is not, so they join other multiple lower IQ individuals and do the most profane instruction given to them by the so called men of God and in turn face more instability and run back to these men for more instructions, if unchecked this cycle can go on till their death since there is a sort of profit waiting for them in the afterlife. Poor people have less control of their lives and decision making and blame most of their problems on the government and Satan. This means the lowerclass are more religious than rich and intelligent people. Due to this, the more the population of the lower class in a nation (Nigeria has eighty million, seven more joining every minute), the poorer the nation is, and the more gullibly religious they are.


This sounds like a big bang! :grinning:

Indeed, especially in Africa(Nigeria in specifics) and Asia, religiosity is seemingly the elixir of penurious people, of which they are ignorant of how stupefied it makes them.