Samson Abioye of passes away

Today was just a blur. I saw a Whatsapp message from @Oluwarufus really early and it seemed like an emergency. I called and called and he didn’t respond. I went on twitter just before I slept and I saw some disturbing tweets shared between him and his close friends @akinsanyajoseph and @walexblom. I saw they mentioned about Damilare. I certainly didn’t know that name but I went to search my Facebook as we share over 300 mutual friends.

Damilare was Samson Abioye. I said oh maybe this guy is hurt. I hope it’s not that bad…When I met Rufus early today I asked what happened and he told me we lost Samson Abioye over the weekend. My spirit sunk. I was confused. I wondered from the fact that this is a good Christian making a major impact in the lives of young Nigerians through, what did he ever do wrong? I thought God will usually leave those who are useful to him here to keep helping others…

I never really got to know Samson in person but I would always like his posts on Facebook, admire their team’s impact especially with the support they are getting from the telecom and tech giants to increase momentum. I admire that he had a good work culture where people were celebrated when required and he gave lots of positive vibes. Just like the case of Imogie Mubarak I constantly regretted why we never met in person.

You see, we techies are usually too busy with work, too busy to make that phone call, too busy to meet up with people, even our family, too busy to rest, too busy to even get a medical checkup twice or even once a year. But we forget that we do not own our lifespan. We could be called upon at any time - no permissions asked.

Rufus told me he would be buried today and so this was the only chance I had to see him, not in life but in death and that hurt me even more. I moved a previously scheduled meeting to attend his burial at Ayobo, Ipaja. When we got to the cemetery - at his graveside my spirit sunk yet again as I caught a glimpse at this lifeless body and this time all my emotions and tears rolled down my eyes. I wept and wept silently. I didn’t think I would be attending the burial of Samson at his mid-twenties. I looked at his mother, his siblings he usually shared fond memories of. His co-founders Imole and Abayomi, I felt really sad about him leaving this soon.

As we left the burial, I wondered how limited time we have to make an impact, real impact in the people around us. I wondered to myself if I was even making an impact. I asked myself deep questions if I was gone today what will be the succession plan for all this disruption we say we are disrupting up and down.

In the end, it comes down to man and his creator just like in the beginning. Make time for those you love and care about. Your life, your health, your peace is important. Rest on Samson Damilare Abioye.


May his soul rest in peace


This is really heart broken. May you all find solace in knowing that he lived a good life and may his soul rest in peace. This is really sad.


Really sad. Really sad to lose a change-maker like him. Never knew much about him as well but I was always fond of the idea and one can only imagine the so much more impact he was set to make to the world.


May his soul rest in peace… I saw Rufus’s post Facebook and I couldn’t help but asked who he was. Such a young gentle man.


Really Sad. RIP


This still hurts :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Too bad… I just lost words all the time…

Goodbye friend!

We chase life too much that we forget people truly count!

I’m still heartbroken!!

Hmmmmm…this is deep!! Truly deep!


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Painful exit. I never heard about him before, but somehow, this is just painful.


right? yeah!!!

Thank you for sharing this @evansakanno. It’s really a rude shock to everyone. We didn’t see it coming.
He had an early start in life, we didn’t know he’s gonna leave so soon.

May God make the rest of us strong and keep us.


It is well guy’s. May God comfort everyone of you.


Right? Its well…

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I read Samson’s story earlier this year on and his story inspired me. This young man had big dreams. It’s so sad he’s gone so soon.

Rest in peace and may God comfort all your friends and family.

Lots of love from Kenya



Amen… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Meanwhile…its nice to meet you…

Welcome Home To Zegist

How are you?


Thanks a lot. I’m so fine. Glad to be here.


Thanks for the soothing words @danielngala and welcome to Zegist.

This documentary brought tears to my eyes once again.


Let’s remember his family & friends in prayers as well as the team he left behind.
The pain is real, some deal with it better than others.
Samson was a shining & burning light…and now his watch has ended. :disappointed_relieved:


We will surely see what we can do.

May his soul rest in peace (Amen)…

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