Secondary Schoolgirl kissing boyfriend in class, Yay or Nay?

So I came across this video on Instagram today. And I was impressed initially but later shock in the end.

So let’s read your views on this…

This was just on my mind! Nay for me


Big Nay for me too o.

These generation of kids baffle me big time.

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did you not wish to be kissed like that at that age ?

Lol NO. I don’t.


My Yoruba mind will beat this child baje baje if s/he were my son/daughter… Tchai! Heaven knows I am already praying against having stupid children come out of my womb… This is a big NAY…


Just because they are kissing at that age doesn’t make them stupid. Kids like that still go on to Harvard, just saying.

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My own definition of stupid apparently makes them one. By the ways, I didn’t call them stupid. You should read what I typed again.

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but you did insinuate it. All I’m saying is, just because they are kissing doesn’t make them bad kids. some times kids wanna express themselves, doesn’t mean they’ll go on to have sex either and even if they did, still doesn’t make them bad kids. The world is not black and white.

there really isn’t that much difference between this generation and theirs though.

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I am not for this.

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loool why ?

At what age will your allow or permit your children the go ahead to start dating?

I believe what is wrong is wrong and there is no grey area when it comes to things like this one. There are better ways to express themselves like being in the drama group, choir or dance group. Literary and debate is there. Writing articles is there…

Kids. That’s what they are! (thankfully, you called them kids). This stuff is not for kids, it’s for adults.


16 is fine if I perceive enough maturity. they’ll probably date anyway, with or without my knowledge.

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kissing really isn’t that big a deal.

A lot of teenagers practice kissing.

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Loool! Looking for trouble.
But all these ‘woke’ mothers kiss their kids on the lips. Isn’t it equivalent to this?


Because they do it doesn’t make it right. What is popular, most times, is not the right thing. I am not breeding children who follow the majority, I am raising children who know the right and do it. Children who value integrity because they’ll need it to lead a successful life.