Secondary Schoolgirl kissing boyfriend in class, Yay or Nay?

They are the ones who will not complain when they see their children do these things. That’s why I will forever be an African mother anytime… Hian…


You know a 16 year old is still underaged right?
Children at that stage of life make irrational decisions.
Whats gonna happen if your daughter mistakenly gets pregnant at 16.

For me 18 is perfect.

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true. Some parents have no idea how much influence they have on their kids.

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ONN! Tchai!! Lemme not say anything. Depends jawe, I had my first kiss like in primary school abeg, so if KARMA will catch me, maybe my kids too will have in secondary school so I’ll just say simple does it. Anyways, we will be so open about stuff like this that they won’t try it not because they are not allowed to but because they are smart enough to wait…


I’m not saying it popular (I don’t know why you think its popular), I’m just saying there is nothing wrong with kids expressing themselves, if I found out my son or daughter did that, I’d caution him or her about the dangers in physically expressing how one feels to a lover and maybe ground him or her, I wouldn’t demonize my child for kissing.


I can bet my bank account that those kids are having sex aftet school already or even in the school toilet during break.
Is it not the same Jamaica I know😂


I can only imagine 2Face’s African Queen reading this. :laughing:

GOD forbid it. Amen.

Someone dating at 16 doesn’t mean they’ll have sex and get pregnant. There are levels to raising kids. Do you think your daughter will tell you if she has a boyfriend ?


Yes. We will be that close.
She will tell me if she likes any boy in her class.

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well…that depends on your relationship with your daughter.

I think if you told her no she can’t have a boyfriend at 16 (again depends on how you pass the message across), she’s more likely to rebel and do it anyway.

If you tell ur daughter she is okay to start frolicking with boys by 16- then she will definitely ask herself what difference does it make if she starts at 14.
afterall to her, 14 to 16 is “just” 2 years. You have to understand how the minds of these children work. We were one in their shoes.

Boyfriend connotes a sexual intimate kind of relationship , so no. Of course she will have male friends, but I will make her understand why it is better to remain chastisised till at least 18.


I wouldn’t tell her its ok, I’d ask to meet the boy. If he’s cool, I’ll say its fine but with certain rules, eg: no kissing.

this is going to be my approach.
Not being too strict and commandeering them everywhere.
I’ll rather explain to them and teach them the consequences.
It helps them develop a sense of responsibility.

Not just saying no kuz mummy says so.
But saying no kuz I know it is wrong.

That’s what I want my kids to be.


I’m not sure I mentioned demonizing the child but I’m sure mentioned that I’ll scold that child to the best of my knowledge… Now, scolding is different things to different people.


True. My point is to try not to paint them as horrible kids for doing it.

I think you’ll make a good mother by the way.


@Opetunde what I meant.


Now I get what you mean… Thank you :sunglasses:

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You are officially my Zegist bestfriend! Ride on!!!

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I can’t wait to see the kinda father you will be!!!

Free thinker?!!

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