Seriously what is going on with the church?


I am starting to believe that the church is really ill. It’s vices don’t seem to stop and they become way too obvious as the years go by.

Now we are competing unhealthily for which church is best and which has a better structure and size (my mother refers to it as corruption of sand and cement)

Religious leaders are looking for the kind of fame and power that Artists have access to with several donations tailored to enrich themselves and ignore some of the church folk who are actually in need.

I see in movies how churches cook for the community but alas that would start an argument that none of us can manage.

Let the church realise we are one. God understands the importance of unity especially when the Tower of Babel was built. After we were dispersed by language that year, it seems the church took a cue and kept on dividing each other and the worst part, antagonise every other church group, so badly that it is now etched into our relationships with people.

I don’t know God so so well oh, but i strongly feel He has learnt what SMH means and He is doing that most sundays.

Happy Sunday oo.


Hmmmn… My greater concern is that some Pastors actually use the church funds to enrich themselves. I feel all churches, and not-for-profits in general (including charities and mosques), should be made to publish their financial books by law


@Roger you really don’t want to know what they are doing mehn.
These guys have twisted, sorry thwarted the entire bible to suit their needs. Maybe is the government starts to tax the church they can realise money to solve Nigeria’s problems.


And before you speak someone will simply hide behind “Touch not my anointed” - 1 Chronicles 16:22.
Nobody wants to touch you Oga, just do the right thing. We are plenty that are looking at the altar for inspiration.
Besides the same bible asked us to “Test the spirits” - 1 John 4:1


The only occasion where Jesus exhibited some flamboyancy was when he rode on the white unused horse to Jerusalem, and that was a special and rare occasion. The life of Jesus and his fellowers was one embodied in humility and simplicity. The church has deviated from the primary mandate of winning souls for Christ to chasing earthly things. It should not be a suprise. In the book of Mark 13:22, Jesus said false Christs and Prophets shall arise and shall deceive many; which is one of the “happening” signs of the end time. Mathew 24:12 says iniquity shall abound and the love of many shall wax cold. The bible say: “test all spirits”.

In another stance, the church should be a helping place for the needy and those lacking purpose in our society. Sadly, the church is reeping off the poor. It’s like trying to pour a cup of water into the ocean like @evansakanno said sometime. There’s a lot to say about the present day deeds of the church, but above all test all spirits and let the word of God be our guide and not a Pastor, Bishop or pope like @Oluwarufus cc @Bimz @ayoola


Last year I worshipped in a church at Lagos where they give 5 envelopes for different types of offerings. That didn’t bother me so much because it is definitely optional so I gave as the spirit led. What baffled me was when I came another Sunday and an usher was walking round the church with a POS machine. It’s called Point Of Sale! So what are they selling? The church is supposed to be a sacred place for worship and it’s turning into a business place.

Another thing that bothers me is coming to the altar with an ipad or tablet. As a priest/pastor/vicar you should understand that the bible is a Holy Book not a “holy Ebook” or a “holy app”. Having a bible app in your gadget is good and should be for quick reference but I believe the Holy Book is more sacred and carries more anointing.



You meet someone in church, and you tell him/her that you need a job, they schedule a meeting, promising you, that they’ll do something about it. You meet with them, and alas the story changes, and you start to hear things like: “O my!”, “did I really ask you to come today?” “I totally forgot”, then they launch into a million and one reasons why they cannot help you at the moment, starting with the economic situation of the country and ending with “anyway, let us pray.” You leave the meeting, feeling like you have just spent money that you didn’t even have enough of, to begin with.
The above is one out of the very many scenarios that a lot of people have had to deal with,at one point or the other in their lives.
The key challenges the Church faces in this day and age, are:
1) Lying- The chief vice (they forget that the devil is a liar, and the father of all liars)
2) Deceit/deception- the second most terrible (the devil is still in the business of deceiving people, like he deceived Adam and Eve)
3) Outright wickedness- this is last but not least, as its effects are very very far reaching.
The sad thing is, when a person has been hurt and betrayed by the church or someone from the church, it could shake their belief in God, almost to the point of no return.


So true… I can totally relate.

The church should form a support system for believers but lately it is almost a place to go spend the remaining you have. What happened to the church of old? when people just shared what they have and advised one another?


We tend to forget that the church are humans, and from a logical point of view, they are mostly sinners. Thou shall not judge. I know that scripture very well. But apparently, Christianity is the most prominent religion in Nigeria and yet, we have a very corrupt system, kidnapping, pipeline vandalization, greed, hate, internet fraud, terrorism, prostitution, cheating and all what’s not have eaten the fibres of our society. Truth be told: MAJORITY ARE CHRISTIANS". I have an Uncle who does not go to church but yet, is upright in his ways, kind hearted and selfless. So my dear @Adaego Look unto Jesus, and not man. For man will fail you.


@Banks Indeed.:+1: Lesson learned iam pridem


I don’t even know what else to say cus you guys have said it all. It’s quite unfortunate that the church has turned to the lair of the rich and prison for the poor. Sad to know that if members leave,they castigate them and boast of how such members will eventually come back as they fail to realize that God is everywhere. Or is it the high importance they attach to each money collection as if,if one doesn’t give then it’s either that they’re poor or selfish to the ministry. I’ve learnt just last year that if I’m not moved spiritual to give,I shouldn’t bother myself. One thing I’ve also come to realize is that the church seems to be competitive like they have a target best known to them. None wants the other to beat them in anyway and if it does,they throw tantrums against the other church just for their justification. I don’t even think most churches today are after the eternal lives of their members but materialistic boost.


They should just come together and understand Christ’s missions for them and strive to keep up with it,rather than throwing shades against themselves upandan. By so doing,there teaching the congregation the benefits of love,harmony and peace. You can’t expect me to love people or be peaceful to mankind or even live in harmony if my church doesn’t promote that. I’ve also come to self realization that if you read your Bible daily,you’ll understand and know the ways of God without the pastors (My people perish because of lack of understand). Little wonder I’ve come across a lot of people that have zeroed out church attendance just because of the ill manners of the church leaders and it’s ethic.


You’ve forgotten “ Choir members and ushers competition “ … Who’s the freshest …

Anyway I used to be so vocal about the hypocrisy in churches and be so quick to compare with Islam … And my aunt told me … you are looking at men instead of looking at God … Buildings, People … all those are of the world … Go to church with your focus on God… Don’t deny yourself an experience with God because you’re too busy looking outside instead of within …


I wrote a piece on this.


Hmmm… Tell more about this, please.



This is just what the church needs, but I doubt the possibility of such. Reason being that we are so focused on uniting the church without even uniting personally with God.

See eh, love is the greatest gift. When you’re in love with someone, you do everything to make them happy, right? Same goes to when you’re in love with God, you keep his commandments and do everything to be in right standing with him.

But do you know what happens when you try so hard to please your lover?
Sometimes you end up making mistakes you would have avoided. Why? Because you didn’t care to ask your lover, "how far na? How e wan be? " you just felt you knew enough things in order to make your lover blush pinkbluepurplediamond

In relating the above instance to our relationship with God, God wants us to receive and know him personally. It’s a mutual relationship, “Abide in him, and he will also abide in you”.

So, I usually heard this from a friend, “two is company, three is crowd”. Yes, you’ve been asked to fellowship with brethren, but do I need to remind you that you need to receive Christ first to have a proper fellowship with brethren, else you will take cognizance of whatever your pastor, your music director and every other church member is doing, and if care isn’t taking, it will make you change your place of worship, thinking another church or religion would lay down a bed of roses for you to feel comfortable.

Receive God for yourself, for as many as received him, to them he gave power to be called sons of God.

Come to church with the heart of a true worshipper. Don’t be cajouled into doing anything against your will. Don’t donate 1million because others are doing so, but because you want to do so. By so doing eh, you won’t have to complain about giving the money, since you gave it wholeheartedly.

I think I’m now typing too much and almost digressing. I’m even feeling sleepy sef, nobody should disturb me. :grinning:

Peace :v:


@Mira God bless you. Sleep well



| ɪˈkjuːmənɪz(ə)m |
the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches.


Another thing that bothers me is coming to the altar with an ipad or tablet. As a priest/pastor/vicar you should understand that the bible is a Holy Book not a “holy Ebook” or a “holy app”. Having a bible app in your gadget is good and should be for quick reference but I believe the Holy Book is more sacred and carries more anointing

@ayoola Sorry but i dare to think differently, you see i think the word is holy and not the carrier of the word(the book)…you see the world is changing and as such everything is too but the word of God is something that will never change…so carrying an E-bible is not harm so long, i repeat so long its word is holy to you…you see our generation are so glue to certain things that we forget those things that are important to us, for instance, am very sure the first thing many of us do when we wake up if we are not wit our parents(thats they dont call us for family devotion) is our phone rather than our Bible, but with the Ebible, its easier… Make no mistake am not saying that carrying a hard copy bible is wrong but E-bible make it easy…am open for a different opinion