Setting time table for children


In some homes, the parents either mother or father or both have a time table for their children. For example, after school, 1 hour of sleep, then lunch and then home work and 1 hour of play, 1 hour of tv and bed time by 7 pm

What are the pros and cons of having a fixed time schedule for children? Would you implement this in your home? At what age should a parent let go of this method? Please Share your views.

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It helped us while growing up though but I won’t implement it in my home. I could have a food time table but any other instruction should be as the spirit leads :grinning: But seriously what I will not do is put my child in a school where they close by 5pm then come home and still be forcing them to do assignment, its a no no for me. At least a child should close by 3pm then come home, eat and siesta and then all the home chores and assignment can be done between 5 & 6pm.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Mothers are Awesome… Reminiscing on the time tables I had… I think it kinda shaped me… I grew up to be an extra time conscious person

If there is a balance of work and play in the time table there won’t be any “cons”

Maybe secondary school when you see the child can intuitively do certain things without being bossed around…

Hmmmm I think my mum stopped mine in Junior school but I created the time table myself in senior school and submitted to her for review :joy::joy::joy:


Award for the best daughter of the year :joy::joy:


WAVES thank you thank you :grin::grin::grin::grin:


ugh… Use to hear this ni sha… Never got to experience it… But I’m sure I ain’t gonna like it anyways sha


I doubt I can even keep to such a timetable as a mother :joy::joy:


Scared my time table will be too detailed. Think I’ll leave that for my wife