Sex before Marriage; What's your opinion


A lot of people feel its unsafe and unreasonable to go ahead and marry a man or woman whose sexual abilities you are yet to explore. Aside from the spiritual point of view of Christians that indicates that the bed should be kept undefiled, I think its safe too… Some people think its risky though, what if your partner turns out to be impotent on the wedding night when you have taken the vows. My dear Zegisters, what do you think about sex before marriage?


Well, to this I will say your partner very well …during your dating…I know some chemistry will want to happen… You should know his/her sexual abilities from these things…


What if I say I didn’t understand that


So you don’t understand chemistry?:rofl:


I don’t understand the chemistry meant in this context… My question was in plain terms, can you please explain in plain terms too