Share a horrific experience, and how you survived


Do you know your story can be an inspiration, as well as an antidote to someone passing through a similar stuff? Now you know :wink::wink:

Share a horrific experience and tell us how you survived, and end it with the hash tag I survived ( #ISurvived.

Oh, we’re glad you survived it, that makes you strong and special! Chop this small knuckle first :facepunch:

You can go anonymous if you’re shy, or you can dish out the story as hot and raw as it may seem… You’re very much welcome, and we love you like that. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

How my aunt treated me, I swore my kids or siblings will never live with an outsider

Thinking of how to go anonymous?

All you need is click on your profile photo then click on the faceless image icon, right beside the settings icon, to go anonymous.

Thank me later. :wink::slight_smile:

We await your stories.


Singing alive by Sia… That song is bae.


Hmmmm… I have quite a few stories no one knows about me but then I wouldn’t want to go anonymous… And i don’t think I’m ready yet to open that space so hopefully, when I am, I’ll get back to this thread.