Share your love story and win cash prize worth N10,000


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. It’s the season of love and we want to hear your story in return, we’ll be sending a little love your way :heart::heart: Every love story is unique so we want you to share yours.

Zegist will be giving out N20,000 worth cash prizes in the Valentine Love Story #VLS contest. All you have to do is share your love story to enter the giveaway.
It can be about the ups and downs, joys and tears, surprises and sacrifices of your past or recent relationship, a fictional love story or simply about how you two met and fell in love.

The Prizes are:

  • 1st prize: N10,000 cash
  • 2nd prize: N6,000 cash
  • 3rd prize: N4,000 cash

As with every competition, here are some cool terms & conditions

  • Create your story using #VLS : (Valentines Love story) with your topic. e.g #VLS: My first encounter with love. Ensure it’s no more than 1000 words.

  • Share your love story with your friends to get as many likes as you can.

  • The most interesting love story with over 50 likes wins the contest.

  • If you copy and paste a love story you google search, we’ll know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Making more than 1 post automatically disqualifies you.

    Contest runs from now till 14th of February



Lets Talk About You


Nice idea. When does the competition start and when does it end?


Chai… @KolapoImam, people like us that don’t have any story to tell will just come here to read comments and eat popcorn.

I love this thread jare… Make sense.

@fola, you deserve a tight hug for this. :wink:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I refuse to give up…

I must find love story… In short @fola when does jt end… Let me find who I will create the story with…


@fola you go first. Share your love story.


Lol… Never give up, baby.

I’ll just cheer you all from here.

@Fola @Patrickudo2004 @jesseosiobe @evansakanno @Oluwarufus @AdebsAlert , you people should start, biko.

@Udy_Inyang, if you have a story, biko share too.


@Udy_Inyang @Drew the contest runs from now to 14th of this month when the winners will be rewarded.


:joy: :joy::rofl: will do too


@Mira @Drew @Udy_Inyang @Judy it doesn’t have to be a love story that happened to you or you experienced directly.



Kind share this post to your friends @Judy @Mira @judy @Haminat @Kiitan @NaijaLander @habeebsanni @atynukeh @Drew @Shuquralilah_Adebuso @Monique @Aje @mztosyn @El-Martyno_Alpha @Misola @Udy_Inyang @Aniekan @geezybee @Gracy_Grace @Abimbola_Oladele_Ogu @okonetim22 @ruthameh125 @Monique @Mopelola_Ariyo @ebena107


okay ma. I will.


See life?! Any other discussion… @fola and some other lovely zegisters here will tag me but it’s about winning money now they’ve forgotten to tag me… Wehdon …kontinu…diaris God sha.
Anyway, I’ve found the post and I’m participating. Thank you very much.


Lol… Sorry about that.

@fola and @pretyprexy don’t forget to tag him next time, biko.

Anyway, thank God you found it.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry na @jyde247 now that you found the thread, you can also invite your friends to join in. Good luck with the win


Yayyy… I just might have the love story to share… :dancer::dancer::dancer:


oh, we are waiting o!

I can’t wait to start liking stories.

Maybe sef, the stories would make me fall in love. :joy:


Oya oo… share one of those your future husband series.

Infact we have a similar thread here


Hmmm…let me start thinking o.
That money cannot pass me by.