She asked "Which place are we lodging" after taking her out to the movies


Trust me I was shocked!!!

We met in a bus on our way home. I was too bored to get home yet. When everyone dropped at the last bus-stop. She noticed I wasnt heading in the direction to the place I lived as we discussed much about each other in the bus.

I told her I want to go see a movie. That I be too bored getting home too early. She asked if she could tag along and I said yes. Thing is I am quite sure I didn’t make any intentions known. And all through the movie, she was cracking and bursting with laughter all over my body. She was practically hold me every time she cracks up.

It turns out late when we left the cinemas, and she then pops the big question? I practically tell her NO. And she went all mad on me. “What do you take me for”. " Are we not a thing". “All the sexy look and green light you were giving me in the bus nkor”. " you just wasted my time with you" …I was numb and embarrassed.

First of… Guys

Before taking a girl out on a date, shopping spree or buying her tickets for movies, please your intentions should be made known in clear terms.

And i thought guys are the ones making such mistakes of acting like a pal and expecting her to see you as a romantic or sexual partner for spending fund on her in a friendly or brotherly way.

What’s your take on this @everyone


I can’t possibly understand why you were shocked she popped the question, she’s clearly a call girl, how else could one describe a girl that is all over your body, gets so into you as soon as you guys meet. It’s extreme, a normal lady would have some reservations, finally from all you described, you were clearly leading her on by playing along so well.


Wrong assumption!

@lifeofesse She was probably bored and intended on having a good fuck too. She probably also liked you from how you must have talked with her through the journey. Some of the things you said during the journey probably passed wrong cues (since you had both talked about one another).

That a woman comes out straight to tell you she wants to fuck you doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a prostitute. She was only being bold about what she wanted.

@NaijaLander Pls check this out


@lifeofesse, see your life! A girl asked you a simple question, and your heart beat went bizizixixi.




She was just forward and you are not exactly innocent considering how much time you spent with her… you took her to watch a movie with you and then you are not interested?


Ladies, can we be logical sometimes and not add emotions to everything… The time spent was movie time…not something I planned.


Ayam not understanding. How does that even qualify to build interests :confused:


Its was actually beating “01000100111000110111000”


It was my first experience…I should know better next time :wink:


If I didn’t that would be rude n bore the fuck outta her




Forgive me,I just find it weird considering you didn’t know her prior to meeting her in the bus


When you told her NO, did you make a kinda disgusted or condescending look afterwards?

Lol, she accused you of giving her the sexy look and green light.
You probably led her on or something,… But damn, she’s one hell of a girl. I admire her courage.


why did you tell her no ?


wetin make i tell am before?


I was smiling and coughing when i said NO oo


You were smiling and coughing :rofl::rofl:


So you are not sexually attracted to her?

If you are, why did you say no ?


sexually attracted!!! NO Beautiful? YES


lol…wat i do nah…its more like this