She asked "Which place are we lodging" after taking her out to the movies


Do you regret your decision?

I usually regret it later, when I turn down a woman. Maybe not immediately but when those cold, lonely nights show up, I do.


@lifeofesse, you did well joor, don’t mind these people.
Is “knacking” by force?


No but I want him to confess and say why he said no.


Lol, okay I am waiting!!


Lol… Then you think back and wish you did things differently so much that she’s on your speed dial for the lonely nights to come :joy:. Very familiar situation.


hahaha and then you start texting her to see if she still diggs you.

Omo being a real man is hard bro.

May GOD help us.


Amen o :joy:


Young men of the lord!!!


Ayam not understanding them o


I am proud of you!!




Young man, black people don’t blush


Let’s hang out


i got FREE 5 days to myself (this week). (Fri - Mon). When are you available.


From this Friday(next tomorrow?) to next week monday?


Yep. Apparently Nigeria loves holidays!


I am free!! From Friday to monday!


Chai!!! so that Lasagna you go finally chop am. :yum:


Choi, oil dey your head


To the dm mr