Shocking confession: When I had to go naked before an audience

I decided not to go anonymous because I need you to hear my story. Many people think I am innocent but they probably don’t know this about me. Before you judge me, I think you need to read all I have to type. I wish I had a choice but there was nothing I could do. I had to do this to save myself from a big mess. I know you don’t expect something like this from me but please understand me. I had no choice… :disappointed:
So the day I had to go naked was… wa… was this morning when I was having my bath in our bathroom and my audience was the wash hand basin, the WC, the mirror etc. I was the only human there unfortunately. You got busted!!! Yay… Please don’t stop reading…

I want to talk about pornography and its negative effects. I know this is not something many people are comfortable with but we need to face it once and for all because we have these struggles. I totally understand that a lot of people watch porn and I am not here to judge. I only feel there’s need to know the negative effects of this evil act and then find every way possible to stop it. The effects of pornography as proven by science are listed:

  1. it reduces your quality of life and causes depression: Usually porn addicts suffer from guilt, depression and lack of motivation for a successful life. It also makes addicts violent Psychologists have proven this
  2. it ruins your love and trust from family and loved one. You hurt your loved ones
  3. it causes reproductive problems which can lead to reduced libido
  4. it makes men disrespect women and not appreciate the value of a woman’s body

There are quite a lot of negative effects of porn which have been proven. You can read the rest in the article above but I am not here to tell you the effects. I want to tell you how you can be free and here are some of my suggestions:

  • First, admit that it is wrong to engage in this act and get yourself to be unsatisfied with the life
  • If you believe in God, tell him about it. Pray about it. If you don’t, tell a trusted friend who is not engaged in this act and can help you and hold you accountable. If you do not believe in God, this might just be the right time to do so. He loves you and is willing to help you. Come to him just as you are and He will accept you and transform you.
  • Get rid of everything that tempts you to watch pornography. Delete it from your gadgets. Unfollow people and pages who post pornographic contents and start following sane people who post healthy and inspiring contents
  • Keep yourself busy. Read the bible or a motivational book. Engage your thoughts in better ways.

The value and worth of your life will increase to a great extent if you can just get yourself to stop this. Your life is worth much more than this and you need to know it. As much as I can, I’ll be praying for you and I hope you find the courage to lead a fulfilled life that your children will be proud of. Don’t let the enemy win this battle. Fight for your life! Fight for your future! Fight for your success! Fight for the ones you love!!! Say no to pornography… Bless!



You got me there :joy::joy:


Lol… That was the trick


Well done ma… Nice trick​:clap::clap:


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: you got me there for a second, nice one dear


That’s why its meant for adults who have mind control. People have their own view on this. If it causes disrespect for woman why not also men? Moreva porn isn’t meant to be watched alone but with ur spouse. They r good ones that makes a man who hate his woman to love her.

My ex used to be very fond of my fon
.any day she browses through, love making DAT day is always raunchy

Thank you for sharing your views. You are just in denial and I totally understand.

Mind control? The mind is controlled by what it is fed with. I know this because I study psychology. If you feed your mind with pornography, you will be controlled by it. There’s no way you will be faithful to your spouse. it is no wonder many porn addicts are rapists and paedophiles.

Science has also proven that it is not healthy for married couples to watch pornography. Please read the article I shared.

You only pointed out one out of the numerous negative effects of porn that I mentioned. What about the lack of motivation to pursue success that porn might bring? What about the possibility of developing violent tendencies?

There is nothing good about pornography. You see, we will always find an excuse for doing the wrong things that we do. We all have our lives to live and choices to make. My advice is to make the right choice but if you decide otherwise, it is your life.

I’m sorry your ex found nothing bad with pornography. Maybe it’s because birds of a feather flock together.


So no naked story ?

a lot of serial killers are also born again Christians.

Certainly not when done in moderation.


:confused: you know not everyone who disagrees with you has a mental disorder right ?

I just shared it

I think you mean self control.

That’s because they made their choice to change from bad to good and that is the essence of the article.
I’m sure you agree that moving from being a porn addict to being paedophile or rapist is from bad to worse. So, I guess your comparison is not the same with mine

I guess moderation has a different meaning for you

I never said so, neither did I insinuate that. I said “Birds of a feather flock together.” What meaning did you read to that sir?

Lool don’t call me sir.

I think the article is more appropriate for actual porn addicts. @Udousen_Ukpeme’s mistake was sounding like one and even if he was one, he’s still cool.

Get it ?


Err… I 'm not sure I got your point.

My advice though is that it is not healthy to watch pornography and it is better to stop it. I do not mean to judge anybody, I only mean to help people find reasons to stop this evil act of pornography. Are we on the same page now “sir”?

I knew it was beyond being naked​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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This was a brilliant one…

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I’m not ashamed to say wen it all started for me, it boosted my self esteem. Even wen I had a girlfriend i av never been violent on her. Many relationships crash bcos of failure to explore n satisfy each others fantasies.

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Hmmmm… Well… Things always work differently for different people.