Shocking confession: When I had to go naked before an audience

Yes. I know , the way Ope said it outrightly condemned porn cos d bad feeling she is having about it. I begin to wonder how she will be like wen her hubby says “lets try this” then she ll be like , “No, sugar, its bad”

I have nothing to say about this! Like I said earlier, we are all humans and we have the right to make our choices. I can only hope and pray that we make the right choices that we won’t live to regret

Yes, I condemn pornography because its bad consequences far outweigh the “good” consequences and it is morally wrong. Been there, done that!
Nevertheless, I do not condemn those who engage in it, I encourage them to see the evil it does to them and stop it.

Unfortunately, I am not going to get married to a pervert or sugar for that matter. I am going to marry a man who understands the meaning of manhood in every sense of that word and lives it out.

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Very well then , wish u d very best

Thank you sir :grin: and I you.