Should corporal punishment be banned?

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and she was adamant that she would never hit Her children. According to her, she believes it is detrimental to a child’s psychology and does more harm than good. In her opinion, Nigerians continue to advocate it in the name of tradition even when it’s not in our favor. In a way I agree with her.

What are you guys thought on this???

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When I don get pikin, I will come back here to drop my opinion :running_woman:t4:


In the court of law, there are different offences for different crimes and for different people. For e.g., a child who committed murder may not face the same punishment as an adult who did the same crime.

Corporal punishment should not be banned. However each parent should use wisdom to know how to discipline each child for each crime they commit. Some children feel more pain when you scold them. No need to flog them or punish them. Others need punishment to change.

So it depends on the child, what the child did wrong and the circumstances surrounding the offence.

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