Should girls openly ask for money? Or should men just know how far and drop something?


So lets talk about this.

Over the weekend, there was a kind of a scandal that erupted at Uyo, Awka Ibom. A lady was videoed arguing with a gentleman she claimed she spent a night with. According to her, he was supposed to pay her N20,000 for their time together. In his own defence, the gentleman claims he didn’t know he was supposed to give her any money. Worse, he only had N1,000 on him to give to her. Kasala burst! Drama upon drama!

Here’s what we want to know, if na you nko? What do you think about this matter? Which side are you on? Should the lady have outrightly stated her terms and conditions? Before she left to go home with him, should she have expressly told him that she expects to be well compensated for her time? how much she’s expecting to get for her time? Even sef, should a woman tell a man the exact amount of money she wants? Or should oga sir had known that nothing is free even in Freetown? If she’s not his girlfriend or his wife, should he have come prepared to part with a “reasonable” amount of money? That whether or not she gave him a price, that he should pay?

Let’s talk about this!! I’m interested to know what you all think abeg.
Anyhow anyhow sha, abeg no amount of money is worth having unsafe sex oh, Slide Safe! Please pick up your own pack of Slide Safe if you want to take charge of your sex life!

Note: It has since emerged that the drama was set-up to get viral (mission accomplished, eh! :joy:)


Really? Nigeria I hail thee… no wonder they didn’t flinch looking at the camera


where can i see this vid?


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This is blackmail na, if you’re in this line of trade, you should state your terms and condition. She should have reached an agreement with her customer before proceeding. I thought they use to say “money for hand back for bed.” but the man self no try, how can you pick a prostitute and say you didn’t know you’ll pay her?


Well the lady should have made her terms and conditions known before going with him… Nothing in this life is should be done based on assumption… No amount is worth having unprotected sex…


I beg let the women openly ask for money and in fact, prostitute, girlfriend, side-chick, slay queen and e.t.c. let them ask for whatever they want (Money, sex and all the e.t.c. that exists) and stop all the coyness jawe. Before person start to misread signs and have the fierce ones breathing down ya back


She wasn’t exactly a prostitute.

The guy picked her from school gate that night and took her out for drinks…then, they proceeded to the other room.

There’s an area in uyo prostitutes stand, and she wasn’t there. He probably was just taking out a student :joy::joy:

The guy said he had asmathic attack that night and didn’t DO. So he doesn’t See why he should pay her 20k after spending 10k on drinks the previous night.


Baba kept mentioning ‘i had asthma’ all through the video but it sounds shady sef, If he truly had an attack i’m sure the girl would have ran off or not argue about the money


Koko…all this oloshos them should start wearing tags and handing out flyers for us to know na, since a gentleman can’t rely on his luck to and abilities to get laid no more…the most annoying once are all this upcoming once that want to meet up within two weeks of starting the trade!


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Very very experienced!!:rofl::rofl:


Another experienced onku spotted!


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