Should Kids Be Stopped From Walking Around Naked?

At what age should children be stopped from walking around naked

Should a child be allowed to walk around naked in this time and age?
Back when we were going up, before the emergence of pedophiles and serial rapists who victimize children. Children Playing naked wasn’t such a thing of concern at that time. we’ve witness or heard disheartening stories of how a little child has been abused or raped, which is why several measures have been and is being taken by parents and guardians to protect their kids from falling prey to these animals clothed in human flesh.

Many of us walked and play around naked till puberty for some, sadly kids aren’t that free to enjoy and experience this feeling.

Won’t we be restricting kids from being kids if we don’t let them be free?


Yes and parents should stop walking around their kids naked.



Times are changing so we need to change with time too. If it is a preventive method, then by all means kids should stop walking around naked.

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There’s no law that says walking around naked makes a kid a kid. If the parents can afford to buy clothes for their children, why should they be playing or walking about naked?

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There’s nothing special in walking around naked. Let everyone be properly dressed whether children or adults

What are we gaining from having our kids walk around naked. Inside the house as little babies(1-4), they can move with just undies but no way i’ll let them out without clothes… Biko, i can’t allow that…


Well in the urban areas children don’t walk naked. It’s only in the village.
But I think it should be abolished cuz times have changed. Things we used to see as nothing before are now something.

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Yes, children should not walk outside naked. Even here where I stay, there is this woman who acts like they should upgrade her from village to city, she wears her child clothes without panties under, the girl too would open the legs wide like television and I can’t deal with it even her little baby doesn’t wear pant and if she wears the baby pampers the works must see it. I can’t deal with it so I spoke to her, she just dey give excuses.

Things are changing, babies are becoming attractive to horny men even inside the house with visitors, my child would be fully dressed. I don’t remember my mom telling me, I walked around naked as a baby cos we were always indoors.


Yes o… That’s why there’s an increase in rape. The body of little kids which men would ordinarily overlook, is now something they won’t only look but even touch… Smh…

Its very irritating though!

You have no idea… The way I talk to my neighbor concerning it, its making me feel I’m too bossy or I dislike kids somehow but I’m just trying to protect the baby… I know, they might be thinking, shey will marry and born but I definitely won’t treat my child that way na. Abi 9 months na 9 days.

Some women need orientation of how to be a modern day mother o

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Them no get eyes? Na we go orientate them on top their children again.?

It’s not backed by any law and it’s not about any law. But it has something to do with natural innocence. Not knowing the evils adults know. When Adam and Eve were naturally innocent, they were naked. I wish I was there sha!

And it’s not like pedophiles will get to every naked child. I am not supporting pedophilism but some kids do explore themselves kwa, more out of instincts than intentions. Still not every child explores every child. Somehow, media blows air into some matters

But then, some parents are careless.


You knowwww… that natural innocence…

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