Should we just focus on male contraceptives instead of women?

Just a couple of days ago, I learned that only one man can impregnate over 360 women in one year, whuch is practically true :blush:, while a women can only get pregnant once a year, technically speaking :thinking:.

As a result, should there be more focus on male contraceptives instead of women? (Africa as case study)


I guess that’s reality already, 'cause you find male condoms selling like wild fire, I don’t even know what a female condom looks like.


No. We don’t want.

It’s a reality?

I believe you see it’s kot even working at all… At least not in Nigeria

@NaijaLander Probably you’re on of those contributing to make Nigeria as populous as India :thinking:

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I’ve never had a kid.

@NaijaLander I n not arguing that o… I don’t just trust your future plans ni :wink:

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Thinking about this on a more professional level though, I think it should make for a debatable topic of discussion at a family planning roundtable. But if the poll begins from here YES! YES!! YES!!!


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@waemymore But as we don’t have a family roundtable here, we can just create ours. :v:

Had to come back and say Yes again! I mean men should have ‘scrotum implants’ a suitable alternative to IUCDs, they should be subjected to using daily hormonal pills and watch their adipose tissues double in a few weeks! Mehn, this would be an interesting project… Why am I this excited about this… Biko, yes again jo


Yes o, Oya leggoooo

Scratching head… is like ayam not understanding the topic, bikonu @olukotung explain to me.

@waemymore It’s so obvious that you’re happy with this… I think there’s something we can’t see from here

Happy?Actually excited seems to be more like it! I had never really thought about this and the prospect of being able to take the burden off women would be a welcome revolution in Healthcare. And it just leaves me wondering, has this idea ever been pitched at all? If yes, what was the major limiting factor?

lol @geezybee We know the condom is a type of contraceptive for men but we all know it’s not working for guys as a form of contraception. Guys no dey use an and aa a result, dey just go from strength to strength populating the earth. However, we know of sure ways that works for the ladies, such as the pills and IUDs. The question is should we focus on a better system that works for the male that will “indeed” keep them from spreading their nets everywhere?

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Well, as much as I know, I haven’t seen it pitched at any stage. :blush: Would you be kicking off a campaign @waemymore

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Stops scratching head… I understand now(shines teeth).
There should be pills for guys too, such that it can only be taken before sex, so that it changes the state of the semen to water(yes… you heard me pure water that you drink), so that it pregnability or disease factor becomes useless. And if they don’t take it ejaculation becomes a pain in the ass. (lmao)
Condoms should be made to be really skin like, because some or all guys prefer skin to skin, saying that condom does not make sex “sweet”


Oshey :v:️:v:️:v:️see ideas already dropping… @olukotung we might just start this campaign o. Take home 1: A pill that inactivates semen without necessarily affecting arousal and orgasm @geezybee :v:️:v:️