Should We Sin To Win Souls For Christ?


Morning family, came across this story and thought we can learn from it.

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I think a lot of guys out there ended up being biblical adherents while they were chasing skirt in Church.

It really doesn’t matter how you come about it, as long you are born again, fear and you obey GOD. That being said, the lady did not make a very smart move by allowing him hit it first lool it could have either ways, it could have been a hit n run but the Holy Spirit some how arrested the dude.

Hopefully this story is a myth :joy:


Abeg this story no dey add up. If truly a lady did/is doing this,then the hell fire she’ll go is doing press up. Kolewerk






We are just to spread the gospel, the Holy Spirit convicts and the sinner decides to repent.

The lady should not have taken it as a do or die affair.

All she should have done after preaching to him was to keep praying for him.

She has mind sha…


She sef is interested before in the thing. All the Christian talk Na cover up for her


I’m telling u!! @TosinAdekoya :joy:


Thank you biko. Which kain yeye soul winning antics is that?


She doesn’t have mind, she wanted to have sex. God does not work that way. We are only vessels, the Holy Spirit completes our work of Evangelism


She wanted it all along…if she was a markerter so she can have sex with every male client


Better be one…


I support this your answer…


Straight up…

Maybe she liked the guy and needed the sex…
It’s not winning souls for Christ at all…


Simple… That’s it… God does the convincing… Not man… Not man. We’re only the mouthpiece.


Serious cover up…

There’s nothing sex cannot drive people to do…

So like really she would lift up her hands and claim she just won a soul…?

This is crazy…




Dis one pass me … ##siping loyal milk




That’s like saying should I lose 10k in order to win 5k? :joy: