Should We Sin To Win Souls For Christ?


Hmmmmmm… Speak further on this…


That lady knows what she’s doing… Period





i didn’t want to create a new topic on this but are these sins though? because I tire right now… To me it’s total BS


Total BS I tell u, They are part of the council of elders on God’s table. God has shown them styles that will take one to hell or heaven. Nonsense and buhari regime


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Who told him that? God?


We are vessels, our will, a vessel, sex(which was created by God first as means of procreation, subsequently perhaps conversion) a vessel.




I was only trying to tell @Libbyorc that our God does whatever He wills. He changes his ways(using sex in this case), yet his plans(salvation or whatever it is) are unchanged; God created sex as a vessel to lead souls to him if it comes to that.


I don’t think I’ll agree with this…


From a Christian perspective, there is no justification for sexual immorality even if it yields a morally right outcome.

The Bible is clear and absolute on matters of fornication/Adultey that is why there is no ambiguity or condition attached 1st Corin 6:18 kjv, which tells us to “Flee fornication”.

Exo 20:14 God commands us saying “You shall not commit adultery”

If it were not so, I believe the Apostle Paul would have admonished to “ Flee Fornication except when you are winning a soul” … Or God would have commanded us saying “ You can only commit Adultery if only it will lead sinners to my Kingdom”