Shouting When Praying Doesn't Signify Faith, But Ignorance_ Reno Nuggets


Do you agree to this tweet by Reno Omokri:
Shouting when praying doesn’t signify faith. It signifies ignorance about God. You only shout to people who are hard of hearing. The fastest prayer ever answered in the Bible was by the woman with the issue of blood and she spoke whispered. #RenosNuggets
Do you agree too because according to some churches, " a closed mouth is a closed destiny". True or false? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Share your views.


I don’t really subscribe to the idea of shouting while praying also, my God listens to my quiet prayers :blush:


Abi o… Pastors are fond of saying we must shout o…


That’s true though. Shouting doesn’t show your level of faith. But there are situations that would hit you in life nobody will tell before you start shouting. I pray we don’t get to that point.


I once had a neighbor that was always praying out loud, it was so bad the yard had to bring a police man to arrest him :rofl::rofl::rofl: that day was just dramatic and funny

especially when you’re disturbing a neighbor in the process.


I think the passion backed by faith is what forces some people to raise their voices when they pray. There is really no right or wrong way to pray. This Reno guy is full of unnecessary yapping. Shouting while praying can also signify faith as much as it doesn’t so it goes both ways. This guy’s brand of Christianity is petty.


When shall I meet you in person! You just took the refined version of these words out of my mouth.


Reno doesn’t have work. Just talk and talk.


@NaijaLander she just made her move… :grin::grin:




It’s in the Bible, somewhere in the book of Daniel that if you pray so loud it’s disturbing your neighbor, such prayers will not be answered. Bible scholars help me out here @Oluwarufus @Pope @iamtosyne


This is what I deal with in my house now…


Shouting during prayer doesn’t signify faith, but it’s not necessarily ignorance. Some people are just passionate like that


I really don’t believe in the idea of shouting during prayer(reminds me of the Pharisees). God’s not deaf,if He can hear the mumblings of Hannah or the silent prayers Jesus said bfr feasts and all that…why should I shout? Even when you say stuffs in your mind He knows because He knows the deepest secrets of man( God is the only one that reads minds/heart).
But then,people could be moved by the Holy Spirit that they wouldn’t even know that they’re shouting. Let’s take instance from the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples that people thought they were drunk, or the shout of Israelites during their march round the walls of Jericho or that of Elijah during his contest with the prophets of Baal,or the shouts of Christ on the cross(asked God why He forsook Him and when committed His soul and said it’s finished,to mention but a few. Some people aren’t genuinely moved by the spirit while praying and some are.
At times,the Spirit doesn’t move one to shout while praying. See ehn,everything is concealed in the heart. I think we should leave it for God sef to say whether He’d answer such prayers or not.


Abi o, the truth is, just pray as you are led, but don’t become a nuisance.


TRUE but to each man his faith, if he believes shouting will get God’s attention… Then so be it.



but one question, when the disciples of Jesus were waiting for the Holy Ghost in the upper room, did they whisper or shout? There are things that can’t be logically explained. Everyone has different ways to pray, it depends on where it hits you. Though either of them don’t determine your faith but sometimes it’s necessarily done out of passion within.


You sabi book


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: are u for real?!!! :rofl::rofl:


Anyway, It all depends on the relationship you have with your God though.