Shouting When Praying Doesn't Signify Faith, But Ignorance_ Reno Nuggets

To answer your question sir,they didn’t whisper and that was how people outside heard them and thought they were drunk.


I think that people should not be forced to shout while praying by priests or other religious leaders because a closed mouth is a closed destiny (I’m sure this term was created by a loud person who couldn’t stand the silence of introverted or reserved persons)…but since praying is talking to God you are not restricted by him, you should display your emotions just the way you feel it because God wants to know how you feel and from experience I can say that shouting just comes up at times


Putting it bluntly…

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A wise man once told me
“Sometimes volume helps silence competing voices within. If someone prays softly its great. Even if they pray loudly its still okay i guess. As long as they are actually praying. Sometimes people focus on the technique of prayer and not the practice of prayer”